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Police obtain confirmations from multiple sources that the late Jang Jayeon was sexually assaulted


***[NOTE: This article contains sexual assault statements that can be triggering.]***

The prosecution's investigation team has secured statements that the late Jang Jayeon was sexually assaulted.

According to a KBS report on Wednesday, the manager, identified only by his surname "Yoo", who was with Jang Jayeon when she wrote the "Jang Jayeon document" before she died, told investigators that Jayeon had included a draft document that said she was "severely r*ped." But according to Yoo, he couldn't say who the perpetrator of the sexual assault was.

According to Yoo, Jang Jayeon reportedly wrote the details of the sexual assault in the first draft of the "Jang Jayeon document" but because they were "too strong", she followed Yoo's recommendation and erased the assault statements. Fellow actress Yoon Ji Oh also confirmed that Jang Jayeon seemed to have been sexually assaulted at the reception.

Based on the statements, the investigators tried to recommend that the committee approve an investigation into the sexual assault but they were reportedly divided.

According to the investigators, "in the absence of a victim or evidence, it's hard for them to launch an investigation. In addition, since there are no specific perpetrators of the sexual assault identified, even the subject of investigation cannot be confirmed at this time."

According to KBS, the investigation team has secured several statements from multiple sources that the sexual assault took place and intend to follow up on the allegations.

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Trinity99443 pts Wednesday, May 1, 2019 6
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

It wouldn't surprise me if she was actually murdered and her suicide was staged.


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Canucks4Life2,426 pts Wednesday, May 1, 2019 2
Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Yoon and Yoo were never in this for anyone but themselves. Refusal to hand over evidence, being uncooperative during interviews, conflicting statements, and a personal beefs with at least one of the accused made it impossible to take there words as fact. Quite frankly they have been more of a hindrance in the investigation the help. Always believed she was abused, and happy witnesses not looking to capitalize on this tragedy came forward. As a sexual assault survivor myself I hope something can now be done to at least stop it from happening to more woman.


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