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Tiger JK relays thankful message to fans after numerous netizens send encouragements in his struggle with myelitis


On April 11, Tiger JK returned to Instagram to relay a lengthy message of thanks, soon after the news that his incurable illness myelitis has relapsed

Alongside a smiling photo, the rapper made sure to express his gratitude toward the numerous netizen messages, encouraging him and cheering him on in his struggle against the illness. He wrote:

"I feel like flying thanks to so much support and encouragements from everyone. On the other hand, I'm embarrassed, and apologetic that I caused my fans worry. To be honest, dealing with my weakened body due to the myelitis is a part of my daily life now. It is a rare illness with no known cure yet. But compared to so many others who dealt with much more severe symptoms, I am a lucky case. I am able to walk and run, and many fellow patients and their families who saw how I was able to move and function as I do inquired about the method... so I want to tell them the truth... that I am fighting it through positive, healthy thoughts. Of course, there will be some obstacles that cannot be overcome with simply the power of positivity and love... even so, I had no idea that a very early morning, sentimental post I meant as a message of hope to anyone who might be awake to see it would blow up this big. Once again, I send my thanks to everyone sending over their concerns. Everyone, please be healthy!!! I'm okay. I got the meanest gangster lean that is all, I'm good... love." 

Check out Tiger JK's heartfelt post below.

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