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Professor Peterson, a friend of Robert Holley, claims police coerced Holley without evidence


Mark Peterson, a professor at Brigham Young University and the friend of Robert Holley, defended Holley on the drug allegations. 

In a phone interview with Yonhap News on April 9, Peterson stated, "The police forced Holley to admit to drug use without having any evidence."

He continued, "6 months ago, another celebrity was arrested for drug use. I do not know that celebrity's name but at the time, the police persuaded the celebrity, stating they will give a lighter sentence if they named another person that did drugs. The police did not have any evidence on Robert using the drug so the case came to a close. That was October-November of last year."

Peterson said, "Robert told me how hard he had during the time he was accused. He told them he wasn't there (at the location where they injected the drug) but the police were confident Robert is guilty and coerced him to admit."

The police were "unmannerly" to Holley, according to Peterson. The friend also shared, "Korean celebrity drug cases have been bursting lately. I think police officials of high ranking are trying to catch celebrity drug cases and decided to reinvestigate Robert." Peterson emphasized, "The investigation team already told them they don't have any evidence but officials made the request again so I think that's why he has been arrested."

Peterson added, "Usually, people buy drugs from another person, not from the internet. I think Robert has taken the blame for someone else. And I think that could be his son."

The last time Peterson met Holley was on April 5 before flying back to the United States on the 6th. Peterson said, "Robert was the same as always," and emphasized he will be a witness for Holley if necessary.

Meanwhile, Robert Holley has been arrested for possession and use of meth

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Ninja_Poster442 pts Tuesday, April 9, 2019 1
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

Does make sense, especially the son part.


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cheriebunny90 pts Tuesday, April 9, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 9, 2019

He's right about the internet thing tho. NO ONE buys drugs from the internet. That's ridiculous. That's not a thing, drugs are illegal obviously, so they're kept away from the internet as much as possible. So that part to me doesn't make sense.



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