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Netizens LOL at how proud NU'EST members are of their own visuals


Some idols may be shy about their their glowing skin, sharp and precise facial features, elegant proportions, and their jaw-dropping visuals... well 5-member boy group NU'EST sure aren't!

Fans have recently noted NU'EST's growing pride in their own visuals, which you can find evidence of below from a 'V Live' broadcast a few weeks ago:

Fan question: "Minhyun oppa knows he's handsome, right?"

Baekho: "Of course~"

Ren"He must by now."

Minhyun: /sings Seo Taiji's "I Know"/

Minhyun & Ren: "Kekekekekekeke."

Baekho: "Oh~ That's how much you know [that you're handsome]?"

Baekho: "Minki (Ren), do you know?"

Minhyun: "Do you know that you're handsome?"

Ren: "Oh, me?"

Ren: "...Sometimes?"

Ren: "But there are times when I don't think I'm handsome." 

Ren: "Right after I wake up in the morning." 

Minhyun: "Dongho (Baekho), do you know [that you're handsome]?"

Baekho: "Oh me~" 

Baekho: "Why is there any need for me to say it with my own mouth keke." 

Baekho: "But in my mind," 

Baekho: "The handsomest person is..."

Baekho: "...Minhyun." 

Minhyun: "Dongho has always told me this since way back when." 

(Baekho also chose Minhyun as the #1 visual of 'Produce 101' season 2.)

Baekho: "You're just too handsome!"

Minhyun: "But people have their own preferences." 

Minhyun: "Because for me, it's JR?"

Minhyun: "People have different visual styles and preferences,"

Minhyun: "So there's no right answer."

Ren: "For me, judging just by the face,"

Ren: "I think it's Minhyun and Aron hyung." 

Minhyun: "Aron hyung sure is handsome." 

Ren: "Yes, it's true. We are a visual group." 

Ren: "We know it!"

Baekho & Minhyun: /Ignores/

Seeing NU'EST's overflowing confidence in their visuals as a group, netizens commented with laughter, "Minhyun talks about this like literally every day kekekeke. I love it that he knows he's handsome (heart)", "Yes, it's true. NU'EST is a visual group TT", "The top rated joint for delicious visuals~ All 5 of them are handsome in a different way~", "Yes, L.O.V.Es admit that we stan because of their visuals", "Please admit that you're handsome every day! More and more!", "Love these kinds of characters kekekeke", etc!

Meanwhile, NU'EST are set to make a comeback this April 29 at 6 PM KST!

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CROW1,946 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

ahahah this is so cute! of course Dongho saying Minhyun is the most handsome, too. they're all good looking and with seemingly good personalities. as a group they have really lovely dynamics



yhuser44 pts Tuesday, April 23, 2019 0
Tuesday, April 23, 2019

they are all so handsome but with different vibes and styles, love them so much



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