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Netizens talk about how they almost forget that these idols were new additions to the group after debut


On one online community, netizens made a list of idols that were not part of the original line-up for the group's debut. Especially since many of these additional members fit so perfectly into the current group image, over time people had forgotten the fact that these members included after the debut.

Check out some of the following idols, whom you might not have known that they joined later!

for Super Junior 

Yubin for Wonder Girls

Hara for KARA

Yura & Hyeri for Girls' Day

Kyung Li for Nine Muses

Solji for EXID

UEE for After School

Seunghyun for F.T. Island

Yeri for Red Velvet

Did you know that all of those idols were not part of the group's original line-up?

Share if you can think of any other newer members that you can't imagine the group without!

  1. UEE
  2. EXID
  3. Solji
  4. F.T. Island
  5. Seunghyun
  6. Girl's Day
  7. Yura
  8. Hyeri
  9. KARA
  10. Hara
  11. Nine Muses
  12. Kyung Li
  13. Super Junior
  14. Kyuhyun
  15. Wonder Girls
  16. Yubin
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BlackBlossomCYT41 pts Saturday, March 30, 2019 13
Saturday, March 30, 2019

Hyelim of Wonder Girls

Jiyoung, Youngji of KARA

Raina, Nana, Lizzy, Kaeun of After School
Hyuna, Sungah, Sojin, Keumjo of 9Muses

Seoyoung, Yeoreum of Hello Venus

Hyerin of EXID

Yeonjung of WJSN

Elkie, Eunbin of CLC

Handong, Gahyeon of Dream Catcher

Johyun, Daye, Seoyul, Sehyung of Berry Good
Eunchae, Jueun, Somyi of DIA

Chaekyung, Rachel of April

Daisy, Taeha of MOMOLAND

A few more to add to the list.


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borahae7,674 pts Saturday, March 30, 2019 3
Saturday, March 30, 2019

and these pour young idols had to endure all that hate of them being added late for nothing, so why don't these netzs also apologize for causing so much harm?


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