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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Thursday, February 28, 2019

Top 5 Most Elaborate K-Pop Dance Covers


Complicated choreography is one of the most important aspect idols focus on when training and on stage. We've all seen our fair share of fans expressing their unwavering dedication to their favorite K-Pop groups through recording a simple dance cover of their favorite song on YouTube. However, few and far between; are the extraordinary, time-consuming, and elaborate video covers that absolutely blow our minds. Whether it's the location, the effects, or simply the skill of the dance moves, the ones who invest time into their covers create the best results! Here are the top 5 most elaborate K-Pop covers we've witnessed so far:

5. Jun Sung Ahn - Gentleman (PSY)

This cover by Jun Sung Ahn has taken it's rightful place on the list because he doesn't just dance in this particular cover of PSY's "Gentleman", he also plays the violin! We appreciate the epic camera work- in particular, the two backup dancer Jun Sung Ahn. Though his dancing isn't necessarily the most elaborate, the decision to include the violin is what makes this cover video so delightfully interesting to watch. 

4. FGDance - Solo (Jennie)

We know what you're thinking- so what? It's a Jennie song, that's just a one-person dance video. If you thought that, this dance cover is about to prove you wrong. FGDance took the streets of Vietnam with their live in public version of Jennie's "Solo". One member of the dance team starred as Jennie, while the rest were part of a 40 backup dancer ensemble. That's right, 40 back up dancers of all genders joined the "Solo" star in what makes up an epic cover.

3. Megan Lee x Koreos - Evolution of BLACKPINK

Singer, Megan Lee, and UCLA dance troupe, KOREOS, got together to do this evolution of BLACK PINK dance which consisted of a medley of tracks strung together and sung by Megan herself. We love the dynamic fluidity that the group show in this video with their effortless ability to blend each piece together seamlessly. The additional graffiti-esque video editing makes for a really fun and authentic BLACK PINK feel as well.

2. Malhada - Call Me Baby (EXO)

Malhada's director, Jimin Choi, outdid herself conducting these music video dance covers. They're endearingly cinematic and in extremely high definition quality. Each one of Malhada's dance covers is entirely comprised of a female team whose specialty is ripping apart male group choreography. This jaw-dropping cover of "Call Me Baby" by EXO is a near shot-for-shot replica of the video. They even shot on location to get the same feeling you get from the original music video.

1. Danny Lee - Kiss and Make Up (Dua Lipa x BLACKPINK)

This absolutely awe-inducing cover was produced by Danny Lee with the help of a drummer, Luke Holland, pianist, Tony Ann, and dancers, Ellen Kim, Bailey Sok, Eileen Harmon, and Haley Fitzgerald. This incredible team's cover of "Kiss and Make Up" originally by Dua Lipa and BLACK PINK is hands-down the most elaborately and beautifully done cover to date. From the thoughtful musical restyling to the rooftop cinematography, the production value of this video is akin to that of an official BLACK PINK music video. We'd love to see someone attempt to top the creativity and passion this cover possesses. 

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