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Kpop debuts in January


January is officially over and that calls for an overview for the most recent set of group debuts!

4: M.O.N.T - Will You Be My Girlfriend?

After having delayed their debut three times, M.O.N.T, also known as the mountain trainees from MIXNINE, were the first group to make their debut this year.

The three members, Roda, Bitsaeon, and Narachan, held several overseas concerts ahead of their debut and were the first group to perform in Israel, getting them a national news segment.

9: VERIVERY - Ring Ring Ring

Jelly Fish's first idol boy group to debut since VIXX in 2012, VERIVERY, got people excited for their debut in September 2018, with the release of 'Super Special'. 'Super Special' is the OST of the group's first reality show, aired in the same month on Mnet. 

Between the release of the OST and the release of the first episode, Jelly Fish started releasing the profiles for the seven members: Dongheon, Hoyoung, Minchan, Gyehyeon, Yeonho, Yongseung, and Kangmin.

9: ONEUS - Valkyrie

One of the most anticipated debuts this year, even though we have only had one month, was ONEUS, RBW's newest group. RBW is home to groups such as MAMAMOO and Vromance, and ONEUS' brother group, boy band ONEWE (quite literally - Dongmyeon (ONEWE) and Xion (ONEUS) are twins).

Most of the members had already made some name for themselves as trainees, with four members appearing on survival shows Produce 101 season 2 and MIXNINE (Ravn, Seoho, Keonhee, and Hwanwoong), two being former trainees of big-name companies (Ravn and Leedo), and one member is a student at Modern K Music Academy (Keonhee). 


Some of you might be confused by seeing this name. No, it's not the Planetarium Records project group PLT where all of the company artists come together. It's the new seven-member idol group that uses the abbreviation P.L.T, which stands both for Platinum and for 'People Love Truth'.

Jess, RA.L, Sunmin, Woonsub, Hajin, Hagie and Chabin debuted as P.L.T under IN MEDIA A&D on the 9th of January with the full-length regular album 'MAD CITY'. They have recorded a music video for the title track of the same name, but have yet to release it. 

21: Cherry Bullet - Q&A

Cherry Bullet is the second girl group to debut from FNC Entertainment, the third idol group in total and the first multinational group with three Japanese members (Kokoro, Remi, and May) and one Taiwanese member (Lin Lin). 

The group was first introduced by FNC in the second half of 2017 when they revealed the first members for the new eleven-member girl group to debut in 2018. They went quiet on the group after revealing Jiwon, Yuju, and Bora. They started teasing the girl group again after seemingly having rebranded and at least one of the members leaving.

28: COCO - TalkTalk

Compared to kids girl group PIERCE, who made their debut in October last year and are having a comeback this month, and Jelly Girl, who made their debut in March last year and are currently the youngest group active, COCO's debut seems to have caused the most controversy due to their age. 

The group consists of seven girls born between 2005 and 2008: Jihyun, Sumin, Seoha, Minseo, Suhyeon, Hyojeong, and Youngchae. Prior to their debut, the girls were part of the dance team 'Coco Mademoiselle', who frequently released dance covers on the Youtube channel of their dance academy, Choomseory Dance Academy & Art Company, who also uploaded their debut music video. 

30: MustB - I Want U

MustB originally released a music video for their debut title track 'I Want U' on the 1st of December, a couple of days after member Chibin had announced he had left the group. The CEO of their company, Must M Entertainment, then posted about the release of the music video on his Instagram, only tagging four out of the seven members. Not tagging Chibin makes sense, as he was no longer part of the group, but what happened to the other two is unclear. No articles were released at the time and the social media accounts had not been used yet, leaving people wondering about their names and what was going on.

Then MustB opened up their Makestar debut support project, revealing the official profiles for the seven members currently in the group (Oh Sangwoo (former Underdog, Pure Boys, Blast, D.I.P and Hi5 as Kain), Doha (former Underdog and Hi5 as Baekjin and Dohyun), Hawoo (former Challenger as Jeeho and N.T.B (New Town Boys) as Jiho), Taegeon (former Challenger and M.Crown), Wooyeon, Sihyun and Sihoo) on the same day as they released the mv teaser for their new version of 'I Want U', including the new line-up. The second version of the music video was released on the 21st of January on their own channel, which is the same day as the group held their debut showcase. 

On the 30th of January, the music video was released on Stone Music Entertainment, at the same time the single was released, marking their official debut.

31: AWEEK - The More I See

AWEEK is a six-member boy group from Jong Hap Entertainment and is the group of the third former Underdog member who re-debuted this year: Kim Yongjin. Along with Di1e (pronounced Da Il), Chawon, Hyeon, Aiden, and Woori, he has been working towards his debut since 2018, when the group started a debut support project on Celluv.tv, finishing with over 300% of their original goal.

The group did formerly include Ilkwon, but he left sometime before their debut, and Woori joined.

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    My favourite: ONEUS - Valkyrie


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