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CocoSori to officially disband, MOLE Entertainment announces legal action against Coco Lee


MOLE Entertainment has announcedCocoSori are officially disbanding and the agency will be pursuing legal action against former member Coco Lee.

In a post on their official Facebook, MOLE Entertainment explained Coco had repeatedly posted false, defamatory statements concerning the label and former fellow CocoSori member Sori on social media, breaching her contract with the company. According to the label, they were unable to come to an agreement with Coco despite multiple discussions about her social media posts, and MOLE further asserted they'd provided training and a dormitory for Coco despite her absence of promotional activity. Though Coco expressed she'd wanted to release a single as a solo singer, the agency found it wasn't financially beneficial, which also allegedly caused conflict. MOLE continued Coco's actions had created issues with two major broadcast networks and commented on her allegedly negative attitude as well.

Read MOLE Entertainment's full post below:

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SONE4JeTi88 pts Friday, February 1, 2019 6
Friday, February 1, 2019

I'll be honest, I've watched CoCo's stream and her YouTube stuff in the past and have heard CoCo's side of things. Firstly, I think both CoCo and Mole are exaggerating certain things and are clearly lying about things. CoCo's claims seem to be one-sided and plays on the fact that she is the artist and the victim. CoCo in general has always been a like "fake personality" like many other YouTubers and you can see that by how much she tries to promote Sugar Cake all over (check out other people's streams LilyPichu or SleightlyMusical). I have always noticed the Coco is very cringe and awkward at times and the only time she is focused on something is for her own benefit including other people drawing her or promoting her song through other people. Secondly, I think Mole exaggerated a lot of things because of their wording and how they play with the idea that they are a "small company" and that makes everything they did okay. I don't know their finances and don't claim to be an expert, but there is a clear difference between CoCo and Sori's music videos and music production quality. They continually point out that they did everything they could while CoCo was always the problem. Cocosori was never popular but they make it seem like Mole has given up everything for them and Coco is vicious and takes everything. Mole has been known to have very shady management and company policies, do not get fooled by a long-winded and admittedly well-written response. Go watch their previous videos, look at the dorming and traveling and etc. They may be a small company, but that doesn't mean leaving your artist high and dry with only kickstarter. There are other sources that say that the kickstarter and Coco paid for everything including MV, choreo, production and distribution.

TLDR; Both CoCo and Mole exaggerate and lie to manipulate the public. Both are at fault. Coco violates contract with separate activities while Mole clearly does not treat their artists well.


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nnani2,694 pts Friday, February 1, 2019 2
Friday, February 1, 2019

As much as she's friends with my favorite Youtubers, I'm on MOLE and Sori's side. CoCo legit started drama for attention and caused problems for attention. She's psychotic. Not sorry, I don't support her. I feel bad for Sori :c. You don't go around shittalking someone out of jealous and NOT expect a response, life doesn't work that way.


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