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Jay Park trends worldwide as issue over styling one's hair in locs & cultural appropriation resurfaces in K-Pop once again


Singer/rapper Jay Park trended worldwide on Twitter on January 30, as a heated debate over cultural appropriation of locs arose once again in the world of K-Pop. 

It seems the issue first stemmed from Jay Park's most recent Instagram post, sharing a clip of his H1GHRMUSIC artist Avatar Darko rapping to "Truly Unruly". 

Seeing the post, some netizens chose to point out that the issue of non-black people wearing locs in his/her hair for style is still an uncomfortable topic in today's culture, as well as an incessant, negative issue in the world K-Pop. 

However, when more and more netizens added on their comments of agreement to this criticism, Jay Park chose to resond as follows:

Netizens did not receive Jay Park's "response" well, and took to Twitter to further criticize the singer/rapper's attitude. Some commented, "Jay Park said listening to K-Pop is cultural appropriation hhhhh pls he's dumb dumb", "Bruh why is Jay Park like thissssssss I was just starting to listen to his music", ".... can management shut Jay Park up already", "Dog Jay Park, you really messed up man", "Jay Park saying 'pls educate me' but clearly not wanting to be educated ok", "Jay Park said non Koreans shouldn’t listen to Korean music yet home boi wants to do a world tour...", "So do I have to delete all my Jay Park music", "Jay Park should’ve sat down and ate his food", "A lot of Jay Park fans are black so he really is out here biting the hand that feeds him", etc. 

As seen above, Jay Park has currently deleted all previous comments from his latest Instagram post featuring Avatar Darko. 

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Nabong20130 pts Wednesday, January 30, 2019 4
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

"Jay Park said non Koreans shouldn’t listen to Korean music yet home boi wants to do a world tour..." this one gotta be the most ridiculous comment ever. Jay Park f**king said that AS A F**KING EXAMPLE it's not like he MEANT it smh. So people, let's take a lesson from this and don't forget to read something and understand it completely first before making comments out of nowhere.


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xroyalreisx1 pt Wednesday, January 30, 2019 0
Wednesday, January 30, 2019

When the netizien don't read careful and a misunderstanding is created which leads to pointless chaos. Carefully read what he said and try to process it better instead of getting mad halfway through.



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