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Posted by LorraineYe AKP STAFF Monday, October 15, 2018

9 Awesome Intro Tracks You Need to Hear Now!

1. HyunA - A-Talk
For HyunA's third EP release, 'A-Talk', she put the intro track, aptly titled, "A-Talk" to set the mood for the album. This introduction is sultry and sexy as HyunA while maintaining the showy, and dancey K-Pop aesthetic.
2. Kim Chung Ha - Offset
Kim Chung Ha's "Offset" serves a similar purpose to HyunA's "A-Talk". "Offset" is also entitled after the EP that Kim Chung Ha released and serves as a one minute taste of what the entire extended play has to offer. We love Chung Ha's dance practice video for this lovely introduction, too!
3. Pentagon - Wake Up
Pentagon's powerful introduction track "Wake Up" is a hugely explosive song that gives a lot of excitement to the listener. "Wake Up" has no shortage of intense vocals and hard-hitting raps. However, hilariously enough, one netizen said that they made this track their alarm clock ringtone!
4. MAMAMOO - Hello
MAMAMOO's "Hello" is an introduction track that serves as one of the best examples of a teaser of the album's overall sound. MAMAMOO is able to capture their signature vocal ability to the nines on this song all while warmly welcoming MooMoos to the album! The perfect overture to a number of gorgeous songs!
5. Taeyang - White Night
Taeyang's "White Night" is another extremely epic and powerful introduction. Given this was one of the biggest and most long-awaited comebacks, this hype for this intro track to be good was extremely high. Of course, Taeyang didn't disappoint and gave us an absolute hit with the intense electronic aspects of the song juxtaposed with awe-inspiring vocals. Not to mention, the awesome MV!
6. MBLAQ - Sexy Beat
MBLAQ's "Sexy Beat" is a slept-on vintage intro track that deserves attention. The song features signature 2000s r&b pop feel and embodies the feeling of the Smokey Girl EP. "Sexy Beat" has a Justin Timberlake type of sound that really surpassed its time.
7. Lovelyz - Spotlight
Lovelyz 'Fall in Lovelyz' EP begins with "Spotlight" as the introduction track. This bouncy electronic opted for no vocals, but instead intense chord progression and similarity in EDM styling to artist, Porter Robinson. "Spotlight" is a beautiful start to an awesome release.
8. B2ST - Just Before Shock
It has been EIGHT years since the release of the intro track, "Just Before Shock" by B2ST. The chances are low but we hope the full release of this catchy pop ballad will happen one day.
9. Big Bang - Still Alive
Big Bang had some controversies surrounding them before this album was released but Big Bang boldly declared they're "Still Alive" with this intro song. This is a powerful and wonderful intro song and prepares you for the rest of their awesome 2012 special edition album 'Still ALIVE'.

What's your favorite K-Pop introduction track? Share your favorite into song with the AKP Community in the comments below!

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