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Posted by exocomebaek AKP STAFF Friday, September 21, 2018

9 Reasons to love EXO's Chen!

1) His amazing voice!
It is without a doubt that Chen has one of the best vocals in the K-pop industry. Not only is he able to hit the high notes in EXO's most challenging songs, but he is also able to sing beautifully in his lowest register. (He is also the EXO member that can sing the lowest note.) We love a vocal king like Jongdae who is always humble despite his amazing talent!
2) His cute smile!
If you have been in the EXO fandom for a while, you might have realized that Chen has one of the most adorable and unique smiles in the groups. The corner of his lips somehow curves upwards, giving him a cute cat-like grin! Jongdae gets all of our UWUs!
3) The way he treats fans!
As mentioned on 'Knowing Bros', Chen has a unique way of treating his fans at fan signs, earning himself the title of 'Fansign Boyfriend'. When he does a signing for a fan, he will always make sure to maintain eye contact with the fan and give them a warm smile while talking to them because he knows how important that moment is for them! What an absolute sweetheart!
4) His amazing fashion sense!
Chen has a really nice laid-back and casual style that fans can never get enough of. He manages to rock the most exquisite looks as seen from the different themes EXO takes on each comeback but is also able to look amazing when he dresses down.
5) His protectiveness of his members!
Chen may often joke around with his members, but it is obvious that he definitely cares a great deal for each and every one of them. It could be seen in 'EXO Showtime' when he volunteered to go out in the cold to cook and barbecue meat for the rest of the members or when he defended Suho on a Radio Show when the MC hinted that Suho was not very funny. His love for his members makes every EXO fan love Jongdae so much more!
6) His visuals!
In a group full of visuals, Jongdae may sometimes be underrated and overlooked but we would like to call attention to this beautiful man. In 2018, we should start learning to appreciate true art, aka Kim Jongdae, and his very aesthetic face. We should sleep on beds, not on Kim Jongdae's Visuals!
7) His songwriting skills!
One thing that three of EXO's best songs, "Touch It", "Lights Out" and "She's Dreaming", have in common is that they are all written by the amazingly talented Kim Jongdae! Chen not only has talent in singing but is also very capable in terms of writing song lyrics that fans can vibe out to!
8) His beagle personality!
Being one of the more enthusiastic members in the group, Chen is actually part of the beagle line along with Chanyeol and Baekhyun. We absolutely love his loud personality and the way he shouts 'WAE'. (If you read that in his voice, you know where we are coming from!)
9) His kind heart!
Last but not least, one of the most important reasons why people love Chen is because of his incredibly kind heart. He was voted as the kindest member of EXO by all of the other members and we can definitely see why! He seems to always have others in mind, and he even takes part in many charitable activities in his free time.

We hope nothing but the best for this amazing man! Happy Birthday, Chen! We hope he has an amazing day!

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