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Posted by kwon_hk0 pt Tuesday, September 18, 2018

7 K-Pop Covers You Need to Watch Right Now

1. Suggi - TWICE 'Dance the Night Away'
Suggi, who has been gaining a massive following in the past few months, has sweet vocals that will ease you into pure auditory bliss. There doesn't seem to be a genre of music he can't handle! We definitely recommend watching his other covers.
2. Dragon Stone - IU 'Through the Night'
Dragon Stone's innocent smile and his buttery smooth voice will leave you clicking away at his channel. Based in Korea, Dragon Stone covers everything from ballads to electro-pop music. This cover of IU's 'Through the Night' is just out of this world.
3. Sam Tsui & Megan Lee - BTS 'Idol'
Sam Tsui and Megan Lee are hardly new to the K-pop scene, but they have been absolutely killing it with their recent series of K-pop covers. This cover of 'Idol' produced by Kurt Schneider uses creative elements and the powerful voices of Sam and Megan to create one massive cover.
4. Ysabelle - Black Pink 'As If It's Your Last'
Trying to cover your favorite artists' songs is hard enough, but Ysabelle goes one step beyond by putting an English spin on the bop, 'As If It's Your Last.' The piano accompaniment is just the cherry on top. Super talented and amazing to hear!
5. Jomose - MeloMance 'Gift'
Who doesn't love a visually pleasing cover of someone with an incredibly sweet voice? He's effortlessly cool, smiling throughout this cover of 'Gift,' truly giving us a gift to the ears.
6. Tiffani Afifa - Wanna One 'Energetic'
Wanna One's 'Energetic,' while it may be candy to the ears, is notorious for being difficult to sing. Tiffani Afifa not only manages to hit all the notes perfectly but also adds her own style and charisma to the cover. Those high notes are worth hearing for hours.
7. Suhyun - Sejung 'Flower Road'
Okay, this is cheating since Suhyun is technically part of Akdong Musician, but this cover was just too good to pass up. Suhyun's MochiPeach YouTube channel covers everything from makeup to v-logs to answering fans' questions. But she decided to bless us with an absolutely angelic cover of 'Flower Road,' starting at 2:36.

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