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Posted by eric_r_wirsing AKP STAFF Friday, July 27, 2018

[MV & Album Review] KARD – 'Ride on the Wind'



Track List:

1. INTRO : Humming
2. Moonlight
3. Ride on the wind
4. Knockin' on my heaven's door
5. Dimelo
6. Ride on the wind (Inst.)

KARD has just released their third mini-album, 'Ride on the Wind.' Their summer songs usually strike gold, so it's a sure bet that this one is likely to do the same. Here we've got 5 tunes and an instrumental.

The band steers into uncharted territory (for them) with "INTRO: Humming." They hew close to their old tropical house formula, and it features nonsense words sung by the members. It's not quite humming, but it's still easy on the ears. "Moonlight" starts out very KARD-like with B.M's husky rapping, and then goes a little astray. The girls' voices are pitched higher than we're used to and sound far away. The structure is new and B.M along with J.Seph do an awesome job here. It's more EDM style than they've done in the past, the chorus relying on techno effects.

"Ride on the wind" is very different for a KARD song, and not really up to the standards set by their previous output. While it answers the question of what J.Seph sounds like when he's not rapping (and drenched in autotune), the song backs away from a meaty chorus, again letting the EDM carry the song. It feels like a cheat - like they're not trusting their talents alone to do the job. It also lacks an effective hook. I like the loud synths in the chorus, but it's not enough. 

"Knockin' on my heaven's door" is definitely new. The girls' voices are a little stronger here, letting them have their own identity and each of them sings here. It sounds sweet, but the down-pitched vocal sample in the chorus means the song promises more than it can deliver. "Dimelo" is upbeat and has that tropical house beat, more what we're used to hearing. I like it -- it has a bouncy vibe that I enjoy, but (you knew there was a "but" coming), it's a little repetitive.  

I'm not sure who convinced them to drown this in techno effects, but he needs a good swift kick. The members of KARD just have too much raw talent to need a crutch like that, even a virtual one. The album is merely okay, rather than good, and I've already detailed its failings. All of their past releases were amazing but I have to say I was a bit let down this time around. Maybe they can capture my interest more for their next comeback.


This MV gives you the feeling of a road trip and what a trip they take. Whether they're cruising down the highway with the top down, or dancing on a beach, posing amid the windmills or busting moves down by the pond, they give you a variety of locations to sink your teeth into.

And the choreo is about as loose as the song. Like usual, KARD brings it up to their usual standards, even if they don't necessarily try anything challenging. The song is all about summer fun, so having a technically perfect dance would be incongruous. It looks like they're having fun.

They teamed up with Ktown4u, an online k-pop retailer, for this one. And the store outfitted them with everything from activewear to casual and the occasional exotic piece. They rock it all, as you might guess.

Did I like it? Yeah. I got the visuals that I liked, and the song is fun if a bit flawed. Scenes at the beach always get me, and they pulled it off with style.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....7
Album Concept.........7


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