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TWICE Nayeon's comment about BTS leads to dating rumors

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Some netizens are trying to link TWICENayeon's past comments as proof that she is dating aBTS member.

The dating rumors sparked after Nayeon mentioned BTS on 'Ji Suk Jin's 2 O'Clock Date'. During TWICE's guest appearance on April 11, Nayeon talked about her bad sleeping habitand explained how she sings BTS' "Fire" in her sleep.

Netizens pointed out that this is not the first timethat Nayeon talked about BTS and claimed she mentions the boy group quite often.

Apast comment is also gaining attention. Back in December, Nayeon stated,"I spilled blood, sweat, and tears"while talking about the recording process of "Heart Shaker".Here, netizens are linking her statement to BTS' song "Blood, Sweat, and Tears".

With all this in mind, comments stated, "In the past interview, didn't Nayeon say she spilled blood, sweat, and tears? She tends to mention BTS often", "She's definitely dating a BTS member. Didn't she mention blood, sweat, and tears in the past? Now this time it's 'Fire'."

However, other netizens think the dating accusations are nonsense. These netizens said, "Wow if you sing BTS' song in your sleep then that means you're dating them? lololStop forcing it", "Seriously, just think about it though. Fans are crazy nowadays. They jump on you for every little thing. Do you think Nayeon is that crazy to say something like that?? She was just talking about her sleeping habit and people are going too far. lololShe just answered a question lol You're going to harm her. Stop it..."

What are your thoughts on the issue regarding Nayeon and BTS?

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