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Posted by yckim124 AKP STAFF Monday, March 19, 2018

Wanna One members cursing, complaining, and making inappropriate remarks accidentally airs live

Wanna One
Wanna One is under fire for the inappropriate conversation they had in the waiting room.

About 4 hours before the release of their new album '0+1=1 (I Promise You)', Wanna One appeared on Mnet's 'Star Live'. The live broadcast showed the members in the waiting room.


Park Woo Jin was filming with a selfie stick while the members spat out shocking remarks. Kang Daniel shouted out, "Why aren't we getting our payment?". Park Ji Hoon added, "Why are we only getting 20%?" Ong Seung Wu continued, "Why aren't we getting any sleep? Why do we not have any freedom?" 

Then a female staff member said, "Okay, guys. Let's get to our position for the live broadcast."

Park Ji Hoon cut her off, and playfully said, "I'm gonna reveal my cell phone number." Kang Daniel shouted out, "I pooped this morning." Ha Sung Woon chimed in, saying, "I better curse now in advance. F*ck, f*ck, f*ck, f*ck." 

Lai Kuan Lin called out a sasaeng fan, and said, "Sorento (car), what were you doing below our home yesterday? Stop coming to our house."

Here, netizens believe they hear another member yelling out, "Dae-ddal-gak, only the pretty ones", meaning, "Jerk off only the pretty ones."

Netizens believe the live broadcast accidentally started earlier than scheduled and the members made the remarks without being aware.

Criticism poured out against Wanna One. Fans are highly disappointed and hurt by their shocking words, while many netizens bashed the idols for their lack of modesty and manners. 

In response to the issue, Wanna One, YMC Entertainment, and Mnet officially apologized. 

Wanna One stated, "We apologize for showing a bad side of us and disappointing the fans with our live broadcast. We will reflect on our actions and work hard to become a mature and modest Wanna One who's always cautious about all of our actions. We will never forget the overwhelming love you send us and work hard to show a better side of us. Once again, we sincerely apologize for causing disappointment and concerns."

YMC Entertainment stated, "We apologize that such displeasing incident occurred while preparing for the live broadcast. We apologize for causing concerns to the fans who are loving and supporting Wanna One ahead of their comeback. However, we think it's unfortunate that words that weren't actually said in the video are also being spread. We will be attentive from now on in order to prevent such incident from happening again. Please give attention and love to Wanna One members so they can achieve their dreams until the very end."

Mnet stated, "We deeply apologize to Wanna One, the fans who love Wanna One, and the affiliates for the issues regarding the live broadcast. We will improve our service so such incident doesn't occur in the future. Once again, we deeply apologize to Wanna One, fans of Wanna One, and the affiliates."

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