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Posted by LeJulie AKP STAFF Thursday, March 15, 2018

Things VIPs should do while waiting for Big Bang's Comeback in 2020

Big Bang
1. Take Care of Yourselves
Don't be too sad and upset about our boys heading off. Due to the requirements of the laws, they have to do what is necessary and as their fans, all we can do is support and love them. It'll hurt to miss them and be separated from them but Big Bang would never want to see us in pain. Instead, watch old videos, like old photos, spread the VIP loves to new fans! Do whatever you can to continue their legacy of resilience and family. But it all starts with taking care of yourself first and foremost.
2. Support and Love One Another
Support one another. All VIPs have come together to create a bond through the mutual love of these five beautiful men. Recognize their love for us and share that love with one another as it is important to be able to maintain a healthy fan base for the return of our kings. Big Bang would want us to look after one another as much as we've looked after them. With a lot of love, Big Bang's two years of enlistment will be over before we know it and our VIP family will be reunited.
3. Support other Idols!
Being the biggest boy group means being an idol for other idols. Groups like BTS, Block B, WINNER, G-Friend, and so many others are all VIPs as well. Big Bang became as big as they are because they dreamt big and that was able to inspire younger folks to dream big as well. Thanks to their strength and resiliency they helped build up the KPOP industry filling it with groups full of talent and big dreams. It's part of Big Bang's legacy to support other people with their dreams as well. So VIPs should share the love they have with other idols as well.
4. Give them Views/Likes!!
Big Bang is a group that has always received plenty of love and support. And while they're gone that doesn't need to stop! Continue giving them views and likes on their videos and social media so when they return they'll feel welcomed. Share plenty of love and continue to send that VIP love!
5. Reminisce of their Older Days
There will never be a time where the Big Bang we know and love grow too far away from their original roots. It's always nice to go back to where they started and see how much they have grown individually and as a group. Big Bang has never failed to impress us and while we wait might as well revisit some old favorites.
6. Support Shows they've been on!
From 'Family Outing' to 'Running Man' to 'Knowing Brothers', Big Bang has collectively and individually starred in many variety shows.If you're ever missing our boys and want to be reminded of their silliness and quirky personalities revisit some old shows to remind us what we're waiting for.
7. Support YG Artists
As YG Entertainment's biggest group, it's only fair that other people in the industry also love and respect Big Bang as much as Big Bang loves and supports them. To carry on the love of our boys, VIPs should show some love to the rest of the YG Family who have always loved and supported our boys. The Big Bang members have always shown an enthusiasm to support other YG Family members so as VIPs we should honor that and support them as well.
8. Support Them!!
This is an obvious one. Instead of being sad and upset about them leaving, we should celebrate what they left behind for us. As a parting gift, Big Bang released Flower Road as a 'See you later' as they enlist, a promise to VIPs that they will return to us soon. They wouldn't want us to be sad waiting for them so we should enjoy their music and what they left to look forward to the future when they come back. Imagine Flower Road being performed live once they all reunite!!

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