Posted by Susan-Han Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Topp Dogg's label announces plans for the group's name change + promote as 5-members without Kim Sang Kyun

Topp Dogg, B-joo, Xero, A-Tom, Yano, Hojoon, Sangdo, Kim Sang Kyun
Topp Dogg's label Hunus Entertainment has announced plans for the group to change its name and promote as 5-members without Kim Sang Kyun.

From here on, Topp Dogg will be promoting with members Sangdo, Hojoon, B-joo, Xero, and Yano. JBJ's Kim Sang Kyun, who promotes by the name A-Tom in Topp Dogg, will not be joining the group for the time being. The 5-member Topp Dogg will go by a new name, XENO-T.

Hunus said, "We would like to notify you that Topp Dogg's Sangdo, Hojoon, B-joo, Xero, and Yano will be promoting by a new name, XENO-T. The new name XENO-T is a combination of the words 'xenogeneic', meaningdifferent species, and 'top-class'. They have decided on the new name XENO-T in order to return to their beginnings and repay fans who have cheered them on for a long time with an improved image."

The label continued, "Also, B-joo and Yano have decided to change their individual stage names to B-Jew and Sangwon, of their own will."

Finally, Hunus thanked fans for helping Topp Dogg protect their group name for the past 5 years. Stay tuned for updates on the future promotional plans of the new and improved XENO-T!

  1. Topp Dogg
  2. B-joo
  3. Xero
  4. A-Tom
  5. Yano
  6. Hojoon
  7. Sangdo
  8. Kim Sang Kyun
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