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Cube Entertainment officially responds to reports of Jo Kwon's alleged preferential treatment at Kyunghee University grad school

By elliefilet   Wednesday, February 7, 2018   24,026   1,709   80



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Cube Entertainment has officially responded to the reported preferential treatment of Jo Kwon at Kyunghee University's graduate school.

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After reports of an 'idol B' getting preferential treatment at Kyunghee University made headlines, some drew connections between idol B and Jo Kwon. Police have already denied they're investigating the idol star, and on February 7, Cube Entertainment finally made an official statement.

Cube stated:

"Firstly, we apologize for causing worry concerning Jo Kwon's situation. Jo Kwon graduated from the post-modern music department of Kyunghee University in 2015 and entered the school of performing arts at the art fusion design graduate school at Kyunghee University in March of the same year. He completed a master's degree course on August 16, and Jo Kwon knew he had obtained his degree through a non-dissertation (graduation performance) screening process in line with the school's guidelines until the issue became a problem. The supervisor of the art fusion design grad school confirmed detailed regulations of the graduation performances, stating, 'There is no detailed regulation about graduation performance. In the case of Jo Kwon, it's possible to earn a degree by taking a course and putting on a performance because it's a special grad school... There is nothing against the regulations.' The pamphlets and posters reported on SBS on June 6 were the grad performance graduation confirmation papers submitted by Jo Kwon to the administrative departments. He was scheduled to perform on May 6 at the time of the non-dissertation examination. However, the professors who participated in the exam asked him to submit the video later. It was Jo Kwon's carelessness for not fulfilling the requirement to send an additional concert video for the non-dissertation examination. It seems he didn't think much about the additional instructions because his graduation was already decided. If the degree is canceled due to this, he will accept it... He plans to request to submit a new video and submit it to Kyunghee Unversity... We deeply apologize to those who've been hurt by this controversy."

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