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Posted by KpopJoA105 pts Thursday, October 12, 2017

Pizza restaurant manager sends threatening messages to a customer who left a negative review

A netizen recently shared an incident of receiving a message from a Pizza restaurant owner in response to leaving negative feedback on the delivery application.

A post titled 'Character level of a delivery app manager' was recently posted on an online community board.The review was based on a 'double cheese bacon pizza' in which the netizen had ordered. Upon receiving the pizza, the netizen was rather disappointed due to the overwhelmingly greasy/cheesy taste at first bite.

The review read, "As soon as I bit into the pizza, I thought 'this is one cheesy pizza.' I wanted to write a positive review but this is just wrong. The side menu of fries consisted more of mayonnaise than actual cheese and tasted mushy like mash potatoes."

The netizen continued, "I gave up after two bites, but think I should just finish the rest with some hot sauce. I'm not sure if it only pertains to this particular pizza, but I definitely won't be ordering another pie from here. The delivery was fast though."

Generally speaking, it is the reviewer's right to freely express his/her opinion. However, according to the netizen, he had received a message from the pizza restaurant manager himself after posting the negative review.

The manager wrote, "The pizza was delivered on a day it wasn't supposed to. Did you really have to write such a review? There's something wrong with your discernment, that's why you can't even order the right food that fits your taste buds. Your character is at the lowest of lows. You will also find yourself riled up after seeing this message. If you're so upset, I dare you to come over here while holding onto your daddy's hand."

Likewise, seeing this unexpected message the netizen went on to rant exposing the manager's comment online.

Seeing this, others reacted, "Usually going out of business stores act like this," "Look at the manager getting attacked," "I think he has anger management issues." While others refuted, "Isn't it obvious that double cheese bacon pizzas should be cheesy," illustrating mixed opinions.

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