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[Drama Review] 'While You Were Sleeping' – Episodes 9 & 10

By eric_r_wirsing   Friday, October 13, 2017   11,543   1,656   18



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One problem solved, and new mysteries are waiting to be attended to...

Hong Joo's mom drops off some mackerel at Jae Chan's because his brother marveled at the breakfast spread at her place. Hong Joo meets our young prosecutor at the coffee shop where they talk about Hong Joo's fears of returning to work. Hong Joo harasses a fried chicken restaurant about incomplete orders. And we find out the reason she won't go back to work is that she dreamt about dying at work.

Jae Chan's co-workers go to the restaurant owned by Hong Joo's mom and get pwned by Hong Joo, defending Jae Chan. Jae Chan's boss recognizes her from her days as a reporter. Episode 9 ends with Hong Joo staring at her workplace from across the street.

That night, Hong Joo sees the young proprietor of the fried chicken restaurant feeding the remnants of what he takes out of customers' orders to cute little stray cats.

Both Jae Chan and Woo Tak have a dream about Hong Joo being in danger. At the office, Jae Chan convinces his co-worker Ji Kwang to cover his evening shift by offering to set him up on a blind date.  Ji Kwang is reluctant because it always means something bad will happen. Something does, however, and it results in a death. Still, Jae Chan and Woo Tak manage to protect Hong Joo from an angry mob.

The next day, Jae Chan helps her, supports her, and gives her the strength to walk into work. He promises he will always be there.  Meanwhile, cat carcasses litter the alley behind the fried chicken restaurant...

Now I have to know. Why are the cats the proprietor fed dead? Was it poison? Bad food? Was it deliberate? I have a feeling there's more to this than meets the eye, and it may take a dream of the future to solve. Those poor cats. TT

And I think it odd that Hong Joo was waiting for Jae Chan to say that he supports her whatever it takes, no matter how far he has to go. While it's a nice thing to have someone pulling for you, I didn't think it mattered all that much. But perhaps with the amount of fear she had about going to work, maybe she needed it? I just thought it was kind of a big deal made out of very little. And maybe that's my perspective, as someone who has a support system.

I think it's funny the way Woo Tak goes about trying to figure out why they have their precognitive dreams and the roadblocks that get tossed in his way that sends him back to the drawing board. I'm guessing this will become significant later on. But my thought is that they were born with the gene that controls extra-sensory perception (like the X-Men), but K-Dramas rarely go into that kind of detail (unless it's a medical drama). Regardless, I'm sure they'll have an explanation for us by the series' end.

I'm also reasonably sure that Hong Joo's mom is going to die. How do I know? Rarely is there an elderly person in a drama that doesn't get struck down by some illness. Mom asking Jae Chan to look after Hong Joo should something happen almost guarantees that something will happen. I don't want to see that, but I think it may be guaranteed after that.

The last couple episodes have been a bit slower than normal. There's time to catch your breath and think about what you're watching. That's not to say it's bad -- I like the warm, cute moments. They're a nice counter to the danger that seems to crop up in this drama when you least expect it. I'm addicted to this drama, though, so you can be sure I'll watch it till the end.



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