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Posted by mkim93 AKP STAFF Sunday, September 24, 2017

Which girl group would you like to join?

A recent post on natepann with the title that reads, "If you were an idol group member, which group would you join?" has stirred up a lot of discussionamong netizens.


With the question, the poster provided 8 choices to choose from with a short description of each group:

1. MAMAMOO - "They have a lot of female fans and compared to other groups, they have a low count of members (4). Because their personalities are so different amongst each other, there has never been rumors of conflict and has a good relationship with each other. They're fun and super talented that they do well in all areas."

2. SISTAR - "Their music was received well by the general public and were all well-known individually which helped them succeed even during unit promotions. Within 7 years, there has never been a single rumor of them having a bad relationship and are well-known for having nice bodies."

3. A Pink - "The group's fan base is fairly equal in terms of gender and each member is known well. With their cute and pure concept, their songs became popular. They also interact with their fans well."

4. f(x) - "Girl crush group with a dreamlike concept. They have a lot of female and male fans. But, their non-active period is long."

5. TWICE - "Their sales are incredible and havea lot of male fans. They're also very popular overseas and are active regularly while coming out with popular music consistently."

6. Red Velvet - "Popular music. It's kind of hard to say what their concepts are but if there has to be one, then cute? Their songs are addictive and the vibe of the group is like of small and cute kids."

7. Black Pink - "Girl crush concept and have addictive music. Much like MAMAMOO, they also only have four members."

8. Girls' Generation - "It might just be me but they feel like celebrities of celebrities. All members are well-known and were successful with their unit/solo promotions. Up to now, they've covered numerous amount of concepts."

After seeing this post, netizens have started to share their own opinions on which group they would like to join, "Black Pink...they dress well with designer outfits. Their songs are fresh/trendy and I like their agency", "Red Velvet because the group's atmosphereseems good and no matter which song they come out with, they at least do decently", "TWICE for sure, they're rewriting records even outside Korea", "SISTAR...their bodies...", "I don't want to be in a group, I just want to be IU", and much more.

If possible, which girl group would you like to join?

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