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[MV & Album Review] B.A.P – 'BLUE / Honeymoon'



Track List:


B.A.P continues their color series (started with 'Noir,' and then 'Rose') with their 7th single album 'Blue.'  The boys have been busy, with a worldwide tour, Daehyun's and Jongup's solo debuts, not to mention Daehyun's role in the musical 'Napoleon.' And now they're back with 3 brand new tracks, including the title track "Honeymoon."

"HONEYMOON" is a slow burn, it takes a bit before it really reaches critical mass. It starts out with Himchan's smooth delivery. The parts are passed to each member, who handle things competently enough, I think it's the melody that really propels the song. But after Zelo lays down his rhymes, that's when the song turns amazing (I was liking it but not loving it until then). Jongup and Daehyun take up the chorus afterward and their voices soar. An exhilarating song overall.

"ALL THE WAY UP" starts out with frenetically sung main verses, like the boys are in a hurry. It's got some elements of tropical house, and I like how the synths play a major part in the chorus. Not to diss any of the boys (and the vocals in the chorus are top-notch), but it's how I see it. It's not the most amazing tune, but it is a solid one.

"REWIND" is probably the most artistic of all the songs on here, with kind of an initial retro jazz feel. As the song progressed, I got weird "Bond tune" vibes. In some way, I could totally see this as the title track to a 007 flick. It's something about the orchestral arrangements and the rise and ebb of the music. Very different from the other tracks on the album.

Very much in line with the faux blue-screen they released with the teaser, this album has several layers. From the ever-better vocals in "HONEYMOON" to the mystery of "REWIND," I like it. They built some of these tunes in unique ways -- and blew me away with the title track. Trust me: this single album won't leave you feeling blue.


B.A.P takes you on a honeymoon with their latest MV.

Well, if you're not interested in them romantically, it's admittedly more of a vacation. A vacation on a simply gorgeous island. Stunning vistas await your eyes: gentle meadows, rolling hills, fields of green, and rocky shores with roaring whitecaps. The ocean glitters at certain points, and there are brilliant sunsets framing the boys. As well as the members stark against purple skies.

There's no dancing, but this MV doesn't need it. In fact, that would probably detract from the overall effect. The wardrobe almost makes them look like gentlemen -- there's a dressy style to what they're wearing. I like the white suited look, and it provides a wonderful contrast with the green.

The individual shots are intriguing as well, having furniture outdoors in unlikely ways. That is not new, but it's still fun to see what they did with it. I particularly like the group scenes at the banquet table out in the middle of nowhere. The toasts lend a sense of camaraderie to the MV.

Did I like it? You bet.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....9
Album Concept.........9


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