Posted by beansss Friday, August 25, 2017

Why does Cao Lu want to become the female Baek Jong Won?

On the August 25 broadcast of 'Baek Jong Won's Food Truck', FIESTAR's Cao Lu officially began her food truck challenge!

She first started out by demonstrating her menu and cooking process to the MCs, chef/food entrepreneur Baek Jong Won and Kim Sung Joo. For her food truck, Cao Lu decided to serve Chinese pancakes. 

While grilling the thin, flat pancake, Cao Lu revealed, "My dream is to become the female Baek Jong Won!" The chef responded with surprise, then laughter, after which Cao Lu explained, "I too, want to marry a cool actor." (Baek Jong Won is married actress So Yoo Jin.) MC Kim Sung Joo remarked, "Oh, in that sense..." 

Check out Cao Lu's attempt at her own version of Chinese pancakes above!
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