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NU'EST's JR confesses he thought about giving up in the past

By mkim93   Sunday, July 30, 2017   22,826   7,278   10



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On July 30, NU'EST's JR and Aron interacted with their fans via Naver's 'V-Live'.

JR started by saying, "It's my first time broadcasting/filming while lying down. Since this is designed to encourage people to sleep, we'll do so. But I'm not sure if this is going to make us sleepy instead or not."

Aron shared a behind the scenes story in regards to their recent release of "If You". He said, "After releasing our single and seeing it on the chart, JR cried. In midst of a lot of pressure and nervousness, it hit hard in our hearts." JR continued, "In the past, it was really difficult for us to get on the chart but to see the recent track hit the fourth spot as soon as it dropped was unbelievable and we were very thankful."

They also spoke on their busy schedules and how it felt to promote as four members. Aron said, "It was my first time taking a profile picture in a year, I was really nervous and awkward. It felt like I lost a touch. Having one member missing made me worry a lot. However, we'll work very hard to make sure it doesn't feel like there is an empty space amongst us."

The two members expressed the difficult emotions they endured since debuting back in 2012. JR said, "In the past, I was unsure if being a celebrity/singer was the right path for me and wondered if I should choose another career road. Then I listened Dok2's 'On My Way.' That's when I refocused and motivated myself. This is the song that helped me to keep going and not give up."

Lastly, they received a question of what kind of group they would like to be remembered as. In response, they stated that they hoped to be remembered as NU'EST who was there for others during hard times and a group who's always worked hard but also never changed since the beginning.

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