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[MV & Album Review] Akdong Musician – 'Summer Episode/Dinosaur'

Akdong Musician


Track List:


"DINOSAUR" is basically, like most tracks in K-pop these days, tropical house. Well, that's to be expected as most tropical house tunes are just the perfect fit for summer. Even though it is following the trend, the tune does have some uniqueness to it, in that they don't go for the usual faux reggae beat that's so common for that musical style. Instead, they still do them. The tune is cute, talking about a dinosaur that used to menace them and their family in their dreams. A sweet, playful tune.

Equally playful is "MY DARLING," a lively duet where they call each other "darling." The whole tune is upbeat and catchy and has their trademark charms. There are some funny hooks, such as the repetition of "dumba dumbawae," "Mr. Moon," or the title itself. It's entirely played for cuteness, and it's adorable, effective, and catchy.

It is a summer single, and it definitely fills that bill. The duet does a great job of lifting your mood while delivering the tongue-in-cheek tunes they've become best known for. The two tunes here are cheerful, good-natured, and in general a great listen.


In this MV, they encounter strange, floating green orbs. They run and dance with them on the beach, and eventually, they follow the things into a forest setting, and the orbs eventually combine to form the eponymous dinosaur mentioned in the song. We find out that apparently, that was just a movie on TV. But it doesn't end there, as they eventually end up trekking to a cliff overlooking the sea, where the dinosaur pokes his head and neck out of the water, much like the iconic images of the Loch Ness Monster. But as they scream to see it, glowing lights descend around them, and they dance, becoming happy again.

The MV jumps around a bit, making you not entirely certain why things are happening or where in time you are. But effective use of closeups at least give you an idea of the whats if not the whys and wherefores. I like how they turn a simple story into more than just the narrative the song provides, and the quest for something is a good way to do just that.

The MV does a good job of characterizing the two musicians. Suhyun is a gal who enjoys talking on the phone and playing with her hamster. Chanhyuk has a particular interest in this mysterious monster. They're apparently friends, and they team up to find this cryptozoological creature.

The CGI here is pretty good. I still don't know what those spheres were, but I thought they looked kind of cool, especially doing things like squeezing through a heating vent. The dinosaur here also looked pretty convincing, though we don't see much of it (that's probably how they were able to afford that).

All in all, I thought the video was a ton of fun, and fit the song nicely. If you're looking for a cute song and video to match, cue up this one on Youtube.


MV Relevance...........9
MV Production..........9
MV Concept..............9

Album Production.....8
Album Concept.........9
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