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Posted by AllK_Maknae19 pts Sunday, July 2, 2017

K-Pop MVs that were questionably labeled 19+

1. Dal Shabet - 'Hit U'
Dal Shabet received a big fat "No-No" from Korea with all the pink-blooded violence found in their moody and dark MV "Hit U."
2. 100% - 'Beat'
100%'s "Beat" doesn't even seem extreme in the slightest. Perhaps the girl's short outfit and the fact that there are some gory/bloody seems was too much for Korean television? Someone fill me in on this one.
3. Hyomin - 'Nice Body'
Hyomin got a bit of a slap on the wrist for her sexy solo release "Nice Body." However, Hyomin shaking her butt against some measuring tape and soaking poolside isn't anything new to Western audiences.
4. Jolly V - 'Yes! Yes! Yo!'
Aside from the girl in her bra who is just randomly krumping, I see nothing wrong with this quirky rap MV. Sadly, Korea deemed Jolly V's "Yes! Yes! Yo!" a "Yes! Yes! No!"
5. ZICO - 'Tough Cookie'
Zico can't blame it on the alcohol. "Tough Cookie" was labeled 19+ due to the two girls who are shaking their booties in spandex behind Zico during the chorus and, perhaps, the imagery of gambling creating an influence on viewers towards the end.
6. Jay Park - 'Thinking About You'
Jay Park has always been creating some controversy with each and every release but "Thinking About You" was pretty tame in comparison to "MOMMAE." While the girls twerking and revealing leotards is a bit risky, it isn't anything to restrict the MV over.
7. PSY - 'Gentleman'
I know - you must be sitting here wondering what on God's Earth could PSY have done to get this rating? Well, "Gentlemen" may be quirky and carefree, but that opening where he defies the law and kicks over traffic cones/signs was enough for the Korean government to ban his MV on certain TV stations.

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