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YG Entertainment issues an official apology for T.O.P's marijuana charge

By beansss   Thursday, June 1, 2017   211,004   17,173   0



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Shortly after reports of Big Bang member T.O.P being charged for marijuana use broke out, YG Entertainment has come forward with an official apology. 

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On June 1, the label stated,

"First and foremost, we would like to apologize.

After confirmation, we have learned that Choi Seung Hyun (T.O.P's real name) did in fact admit to the charge of smoking marijuana before his military enlistment, following through with all investigative measures by attending the police's investigation in the midst of his public service duties and deeply reflecting on his actions afterward. 

Once again, we apologize for worrying so many people." 

Since February of 2017, T.O.P has been carrying out his mandatory military service duties as a part of the Seoul Gangnam Police Department's performing band. Stay tuned for updates on T.O.P's prosecution verdict.

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Mitch1 Friday, June 2, 2017

Yg be like: damn another pr headache, luckily, i love you boys too much to drop you

kiko_san Friday, June 2, 2017

BIGBANG  BLUE MV  is now  100, 052, 321 millions view!  CONGRATULATIONS VIPs and BIGBANG! <3

kiko_san Friday, June 2, 2017

Only days after their music video for “Let’s Fall in Love” reached 100 million views on YouTube, another of BIGBANG’s MV has surpassed the milestone! BIGBANG’s 2012 track “Blue” off their mini album “Alive” is now their eighth video to hit 100 million views (including group, unit, and solo releases). They are the only K-pop group so far to have reached this impressive number of MVs with over 100 million views! BIGBANG’s music videos that have hit 100 million views now include “Blue,” “Let’s Fall in Love,” “Fantastic Baby,” “Bang Bang Bang,” “Loser,” “Bad Boy,” G-Dragon and Taeyang’s “Good Boy,” and G-Dragon’s “Crooked.” [ soompi articles ]

9001reasons Friday, June 2, 2017

It's pretty funny how retards say they lost respect for TOP when bigbang's music has been about being drunk, getting high, and getting down. You're not fooling anyone. If you genuinely liked the group and it's members, this shouldn't change anything.

Vhope_namjin 9001reasons Thursday, June 29, 2017

True , but their music it lit !!! They need understand that they maybe taking of their experiences

meklavier Thursday, June 1, 2017

In the army we have a saying "you can do anything as long as you cont get caught" but oops so sorry he got caught

charlie_d Thursday, June 1, 2017

It was THE BEST IDEA to smoke pot before enlistment, TOP!

bangeryun94 Thursday, June 1, 2017

Will still support him.  Will still support Big Bang.

bangeryun94 Friday, June 2, 2017

Omg, I'm so crushed that someone named *antislut* gave me a thumbs down. Like we don't know who you really are.

yoonbread bangeryun94 Friday, June 2, 2017

same here. BB is my favorite kpop group. If they are done. I am done with kpop. ...I might stick around for Winner but that's how much influence BB has on my love for korean music.

kiko_san yoonbread Friday, June 2, 2017

100% agree with you!

miekochie Thursday, June 1, 2017

I WILL  NEVER RESPECT A JUNKIE/DRUG-ADDICT!  because all those JUNKIES/drug-addicts are helping indirectly promote all the illicit business of drug traffickers such as prostitution of innocent childrens, women and also kidnappings, rapes, commissioned murders, etc.

miekochie Thursday, June 1, 2017

If these stupid celebrities do not know what to do with so much money that the only thing they find is to use their money to consume drugs, they are so stupid that they do not want to understand that their money will serve to reinforce all the dirty business of the drug traffickers such as Kidnappings of children and women to be prostituted or converted as goods/merchandise of pornography.

skididdlepopper Thursday, June 1, 2017

... As much as i've respected TOP  for his looks and skills, this comes as a big let down to me. According to Korean law, smoking marijuana is illegal... you do it and apologize after, even though you knew it was illegal in the first place and that it's something that might let fans down... Makes me wonder how much he cares for and respects his fans in the first place. Being a celebrity means a lot of people are looking at you and that younger people would aspire to be like you. You have an influence on the public. It's a position you should be proud to hold and hold you head high while doing it. He doesn't seem to take his job too seriously... I'm sorry to speak like this, but i'm so disappointed in him atm. Let's wait to see the outcome now...

Logan_W skididdlepopper Thursday, June 1, 2017

i get what you're saying but he is also a human being. he has been training to be an idol since he was a young kid, and has been a debuted idol for over 10 years. he's been nothing but an incredible role model for a decade. to say he doesn't care about his fans or job because he smoked some weed is a really intense and not grounded in reality. that's a massive jump to make. he has done nothing but show fans love and literally has lived his life for his fans for years and years. he has endured unrealistic fan expectations, immense pressure from his company and again, unrealistic pressure from fans, had to hide when living his personal life, had to hide dating or just simply not date at all for a decade, deal with sasaengs stalking him, and most importantly, has had all privacy and normalcy of a normal life that we take for granted completely taken from him. and he has always done it with a smile and constantly is thanking fans. that is completely unrealistic to expect a person to be perfect simply for their fans. at the end of the day, yes without the fans they wouldn't be there, but their human existence is not for their fans. he has a personal life and is not a perfect clean cut wholesome idol all the time. he has a separate life from his "TOP" image. was he wrong to smoke weed? in a world perspective, no absolutely not. weed does much more good than bad, but in a south korea perspective, yes he was wrong. it is not okay under korean law. but does that mean he doesn't care for his fans or is somehow responsible for all of his fans? no. as a fan one should understand that what your oppa or bias does does not mean you should do it to, and that they are human beings who make mistakes. that type of thinking is what makes so many idols and celebrities in korea face so many intense and horrible mental and emotional issues. the fans place completely unrealistic expectations on them and can not separate their personal lives and their professional lives. like he's human, he's not perfect. he smoked a joint. if a person's bias does something and they have not been taught that a celebrity is just that, a celebrity, and emulate everything they do, good and bad, then that is not the idols fault, that is the parents fault. he loves his fans. he has loved his fans loyally for 10+ years. does that make sense? i feel like typing this is much harder than saying it lol

skididdlepopper Logan_W Thursday, June 1, 2017

Compared to not dating or having to hide and date, doing something that is illegal in one's country is a whole other thing. This has nothing to do with him dating... Dating should be a normal part of a person's life. Having to deal with stalkers fans is something else as well... He isn't the only kpop personality that experiences this. Ik he's just a normal person like everyone else, but that is also completely unrelated to him doing something illegal. He chose the path he's on. Certain responsibilities come with certain positions. Slack off on a job and you can get fired( just drawing a reference). Do something like this and people will be hesitant about you. Take Park Bom for example. I have nothing against her, neither do I with TOP, but again I'm just drawing a reference. Since her bit of scandal, she has had to be withheld from activities. Some people might have turned on her. I can't remember the full details on her case so I won't go too much into it. But again, I'm just drawing a reference. Sure any 'human being' can break the law, but for that person to break the law, then they must not have respected the law of their country in the first place. A son can do what TOP did and can disappoint ALL those around him. Let's be real here, he wasn't even sorry for breaking the law, he's only now apologizing because he's caught. I know that an idol can't be perfect for their fans, because they too will make mistakes, but if not for your fans, do it for yourself and your family, and by extension, fans will only have good things to say about you.

skididdlepopper Logan_W Friday, June 2, 2017

Sorry, I think I only read like half of your response( using a phone atm so didn't realize that I had to scroll down, sorry)

skididdlepopper Logan_W Friday, June 2, 2017

In response to your latter half, I agree that if youth chose to follow the example of their bias, then yes, it's also fault of their upbringing, but as a person, one must know right and wrong from the environment around them, so the blame should not go on the parents alone.

skididdlepopper Logan_W Friday, June 2, 2017

As you should know, being a fan of kpop, South Korea is no easy country. They pay strict attention to law and culture, so much that they filter what is broadcasted to the public on television. TOP is a citizen of South Korea. I make reference to miekochie's comment on this article. Their words are harsh, but in a country where marijuana is illegal, it's highly likely that the trade is somehow related to the other illegal trades mentioned in miekochie's comment (not saying that TOP might support those other trades, but participating in one can possibly boost the other). TOP may not have thought about it when he did what he did, but the effect of supporting such a trade definitely has an impact on one's country. All we see is what the public is shown as their heads try to set the best example for their people. Oh and another thing, the east and the west are completely different. Values and traditions are completely different. At the end of it all, it's impossible for me to defend TOP and make any excuses for him at all, because he chose this path. He chose to be exposed to the public the way he is. He chose to endure stalkers and paparazzi. He's been in the spotlight for almost 10 years now. For 7 years he's endured. And he didn't mind it so much that he chose to renew and remain in the spotlight. So he knows what he got himself into. Not saying that if he hadn't renewed his contract that he wouldn't be in the spotlight, but over time, less and less people would run him down. It's also disappointing even more because the money he earns comes from fans, and if u want to say money can come from promos, then it's because of fans that they land promos anyway. It's disappointing because he used that money to participate in illegal activities. Ignoring the returns from investments he makes, because even the money he invests comes from fans. idk... I'm just really disappointed in him. BIG BANG is such a well respected group. Waiting to see how this plays out... :/

Logan_W skididdlepopper Friday, June 2, 2017

no worries! don't apologize! my comment was super long lol so i'm surprised you were able to see even half of it on a phone lol! i totally get what you are saying, and that's the thing, while i don't necessarily agree with it in its entirety, your points are all valid. i think most peoples are valid in this argument no matter which side they are on because this is such tricky subject matter and is dealing with a lot of different layers. those who say he broke the law and lost respect of fans and should go to jail, have valid points, those who say he shouldn't face jail time and shouldn't be punished because weed is not a dangerous or violent drug and point out the backwards and extremely outdated laws korea has regarding drugs, sexual assault, and lgbtq and gender rights and crimes against them have valid points too. those who point out the discrepancy and hypocrisy that exists in korea with drinking and weed also have very valid points. it honestly would have been much easier if he had done meth or something or stole from someone as that is very black and white. don't get me wrong though, what he did was against the law. i think the part i didn't understand was saying it made you question how much he cared for and respected his fans. yes in hindsight and looking at it in a universal way, he is responsible for his position, he chose to be in the limelight, he chose to break the law which has consequences and disappoints all of those around them, but that's kinda like a blanket statement that misses a lot of things. like honestly, i drank underage, i even stole something once and got caught. i had to do community service. looking back on it i was literally an idiot. i wasn't even a bad kid either, i was in all ap classes, never had been in trouble before, had lots of friends, i was really happy. in that moment when i stole, i wasn't sitting there going "okay so i'm carrying the weight of my family, my school, and my future. i'm taking advantage of everything everyone has given me." it's easy to say that later or say that as a bystander, but that's what i meant when i said he was a human being - in those moments he has weaknesses, he has flaws, and he messed up. most people who mess up or commit crimes are not thinking of everyone in their lives when they do it. i messed up and i owned up to it, but my family didn't tell me i didn't respect them or didn't care for them. i loved them more than anything and was 100% grateful for every opportunity i was given and the college i was admitted to and waiting to go to. i was not doing that because i didn't care about my family or didn't respect them and didn't care or respect my job at the time or my future and those who helped me get to where i am. i agree with you 100% that he broke the law, yes. he had disrespect for the law. but does that mean he had disrespect for his fans and job? no, i personally don't think so. i brought up the stalkers and lack of privacy to show that he clearly does love and respect his fans because he lives through hell or very immense emotional, mental, and physical stress most days of his life in order to provide to his fans. to erase alllllllllllllll of that because of one mistake and make a blanket statement that he doesn't care and is bad to his fans and job is very narrow sighted i think. we all make mistakes in big or small ways, he screwed up big time and he has to pay the price, but i don't think he needs to carry the additional pressure of carrying his millions of fans on his back and claiming he disrespects all of them and has to constantly be a role model. no human being is a role model all the time whether it's by committing a crime, being mean, being manipulative, lying, being lazy, struggling with an eating disorder, etc. does that make sense? again so hard to type what i am trying to say lol

skididdlepopper Logan_W Friday, June 2, 2017

lol i feel ya. this discussion is a lot xD ok, so maybe saying that he doesn't care for all his fans was too much... idk... I'm still wondering about that but- not sure about it. Another thing, yes we all have a few moments of weakness. However, he didn't just do it once, like in your case, he did it 3 times. Back to the caring about and respecting fans bit. His money comes from fans. He uses that money to purchase marijuana (obviously not saying that that's all he does with it, because we all know that TOP collects art pieces). But just because he used that money earned from fans to participate in illegal activity, it has me confused and makes me wonder. You know there have been cases where idols refer to their fans as their personal banks. Makes me wonder if he just thinks of his fans as a bank as well... Somewhere to get money from that he can just do anything with it because the bank is his- the money is his, so he can do whatever he wants. I've NEVER ever had this thought about TOP before, but this incident brought doubt into my mind.

Logan_W skididdlepopper Saturday, June 3, 2017

yeah you are totally right, he broke the law 3 separate times, like he went out of his way 3 times to do it, not to mention potentially buying it. but we also don't know yet if the girl brought it or if it was given to him, etc. but either way he broke the law. & i know!! lol this is so much it makes me sad for him and for his group and yge. & i totally forgot about the idols who say fans are bank accounts, they are honestly horrible and in my opinion, they shouldn't be idols then and should have everything that the fans have given them taken away. so you are definitely right, i didn't think about it that way. i was just looking at top specifically and no one else. but you are totally right to feel upset or unsure at him/about him. it just sucks that this happened and it makes me most scared for the future of bigbang :(

Logan_W skididdlepopper Saturday, June 3, 2017

also it's so nice that you are so cool and nice & not like F*** YOU YOU DEVIL lol like these comment sections can get so heated lol & it's nice to have conversations about it and see what other people are thinking, so thank you! <3

skididdlepopper Logan_W Saturday, June 3, 2017

:/ yea I wonder how things will go. Well I'm sure the other big bang members not involved will keep their reputation. Btw, I'm not VIP xD jus sayin. But Big Bang releases good music so ofc I'm concerned for them.

skididdlepopper Logan_W Saturday, June 3, 2017

Lolol xD ik right xD but srsly though, AKP's comment sections can get so dirty sometimes smh... So yea, it cool to talk it out x)

kyunyan Thursday, June 1, 2017

kekeke TOP just have risen in my concept

CHRISTINAMR Thursday, June 1, 2017

Wow i'm impressed lol VIPS are quite mature i think or at least isn't as naive as new group fans, knowing that it would happen. Can't imagine if it is with BTS or any other new group, "oppa never wrong" mentality would be everywhere lol.

allkpopellie CHRISTINAMR Friday, June 2, 2017

I like VIPs for that, extremely matured, open-minded and knowledgeable, and willing to share and explain, and they don't jump on you when you disagree with them. And SONE, those 2 are the best fandoms imo.

Shitdowntaehyung CHRISTINAMR Friday, June 2, 2017

er I've seen some VIPS trying to blame the girl. But many have tried to share ideas and not just like get in flame wars. if BTS would ever be involved in a scandal I would judge accordingly to what they have done, and not let my personal feelings get in the way.

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