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Presidential Candidate Moon Jae In wishes Baekhyun a happy birthday

By KpopJoA   Friday, May 5, 2017   63,354   19,040   0



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With the polls officially opening, numerous celebrities went out to vote for their candidate. It appears Presidential Candidate Moon Jae In is trying to win over EXO-L for votes as he gave a shoutout to EXO member Baekhyun wishing him a happy birthday.

On May 4, the candidate tweeted in response to an EXO fan, "I didn't guarantee, but I said I would go to see more concerts from now on....There may be a day when the president attends EXO's concert! Hehe It seems there's a birthday party going on for Mr. Baekhyun! Happy Birthday."

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Moon Jae In recently attended an SM hosted event where he received an invitation to EXO's concert and was greeted by celebrities such Super Junior's Leeteuk and actor Kim Min Jong.

  1. Baekhyun

borabora_97 Tuesday, May 9, 2017

lol congrats on winning presidency moon jae in!!

Taeng4ever Saturday, May 6, 2017

Happy birthday, baekki

mypcy Friday, May 5, 2017

Everyone's getting political down here so I'm leaving. Happy birthday, Baekhyun!

iknowuknow Friday, May 5, 2017

some people don't like korean government to get involved in kpop, but if the government is not involved at all, you really think K-pop and k-drama can be push into southeast asian countries by these entertainment companies alone? Politics and business work together, that's the reality.

krell iknowuknow Friday, May 5, 2017

Just in general, on a GLOBAL basis, ENTERTAINERS have been 'used' to get VOTES via CANDIDATE ENDORSEMENTS. SUPPOSEDLY, in the USA, FRANK SINATRA (USA POP SINGER) was an IMPORTANT aspect of getting JOHN F. KENNEDY elected USA PRESIDENT in 1960. Via SINATRA's *connections* to the USA MAFIA (Crime Families). And supposedly, the MAFIA was able to DELIVER to KENNEDY the EARLY PRIMARY WIN in the USA State of WEST VIRGINIA. This would be a URL on that --> ... http://www. cbsnews. com /news/tina-sinatra-mob-ties-aided-jfk/

borabora_97 Friday, May 5, 2017

i mean......thats one way to get votes

i_belong_to_yg Friday, May 5, 2017

If there is ever an era for Kpop and politics to work together, sure, I will be totally down with it. But I honestly do not like the fact that these politicians are allying with Kpop at this time, and it is not like we dont know about that black list of artists, and the continuous sterilization of artists in Korean politics. Yoo Ah In being a good example of that sterilization.... So, I am a bit concerned in terms of where this is going....

borabora_97 i_belong_to_yg Friday, May 5, 2017

what happened with yoo ah in?????

kasa01 Friday, May 5, 2017

so once this guy becomes president, the kpop entertainment industry will become more corrupt. SM is known for being shady so they will use their relationship with this politician to expand their power

lovelunaa kasa01 Friday, May 5, 2017

why the downvotes? this guy has a valid point.

OGTrashKan Friday, May 5, 2017

Happy Baekhyun Day!😊

alphabeta91 Friday, May 5, 2017

while the comment section is in chaos again, Happy birthday baekhyunieee <3

allkpopellie Friday, May 5, 2017

I guess he did it because Leeteuk was there and because he was offered an EXO concert ticket that he should have refused, that's how corruption starts, with small gifts... sigh, it's so hard to be a politician nowadays. I'm still happy he likes EXO :). Many celebrities are low-key fans :).

krell allkpopellie Friday, May 5, 2017 ... <-- (Joking) ... MOON will SOON (SIL) be accepting FREE MACADAMIA NUTS from (CHAEBOL) HEATHER CHO (KOREAN AIRLINES) ...

allkpopellie krell Sunday, May 7, 2017

What did that lady do? I read the article. but not sure, I think she's a rich lady who boarded an airplane and wanted nuts but the crew didn't bring them fast enough to her, so she tossed herself on the floor and cried daddy and mommy, disrupted the fight, which has to go back to let her go so she could cry to her dad and mom. Am I correct?

krell allkpopellie Sunday, May 7, 2017 ... <-- This AKP URL will LIST the AKP Articles on it. You should read the 'Page 1' Articles too ... Basically, what happened is that Ms. CHO's Macadamia Nuts were somehow NOT properly 'presented' to her by her *own* KOREAN AIRLINE employee (her CHAEBOL family OWNS the Airline). So, Ms. CHO had like a TIRADE about it ; and verbally abused the employees. But, MORE IMPORTANT, she TURNED THE JET AROUND (still in TAXI MODE at the USA AIRPORT) and made it go BACK to the TAKEOFF LOAD POINT, and DEBARK (unload) the EMPLOYEE. Then, the JET went back out and took off for S.KOREA. Which, there was 'discussion' as to whether Ms. CHO had done a FELONY CRIME under USA LAW by interfering with the 'normal operation' of a PASSENGER JET (under INTERNATIONAL LAW). Which, that is a rather SERIOUS CRIME ALLEGATION situation. But in the end, NOTHING really did come of it all. After the initial event took place, Ms. CHO *apparently* did offer a BRIBE (MONEY) to her own AIRLINE EMPLOYEE to like 'drop complaints' and 'forget the whole thing.' Which, THAT also did NOT 'go over' well either. Next (working from memory), the SISTER of HEATHER CHO did somehow threaten "revenge" on those tormmenting HEATHER CHO. But NOTHING came of all of that either. In the end, whatever that Ms. CHO did it, fell under S.KOREAN LAW ; even though the JET was on a USA AIRPORT runway. And then, a S.KOREAN JUDGE in the end ruled that a CHAEBOL (Ms. CHOI) should do ZERO TIME IN JAIL over all of it. Which, there was 'chatter' that Ms. CHO did like "HIJACK THE JET" in a LEGAL sense. Which, I thought that was just plain NOT TRUE. In the end, I believe CHO did PAY OFF the employee with MONEY somehow for ABUSE. And the JUDGE decided that it made NOT that much sense to put a CHAEBOL in JAIL over NUT RAGE like that. Which, I was actually mostly okay with the decision. But SOME S.KOREANS wanted this CHAEBOL (Ms. CHOI) in JAIL. And that Ms. CHOI was somewhat able to 'buy her way out of jail' via PAYING the victim and having A GOOD LAWYER and, well, *CHAEBOL INFLUENCE* over the S.KOREAN COURT SYSTEM, did NOT 'sit' that well. Hope that makes it a bit more clear. This is the URL that described the original incident --> ...

allkpopellie krell Monday, May 8, 2017

I always thought that dramas exaggerate the mental illness of those chaebols because of how down to earth Siwon and the 2 pm guy are, they are not perfect, but not psychologically sick. SK is corrupted, I don't even know why they turn around the jet, unless she was going to die of nut allergy. That's dumb. Since she seems to be mentally disabled I don't recommend jail but psychological help and some meds for her anger management and controlling issues.

krell allkpopellie Monday, May 8, 2017

Well, I do *not* think that HEATHER CHO is an *accurate* indicator of ALL CHAEBOL behavior in S.KOREA. But, some of the REACTIONS that you see (like HEATHER CHO) ; when someone does NOT measure up to some sort of 'proper behavior' according to S.KOREAN CULTURE ; seems OUT OF CONTROL at times.

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