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Posted by AllK_Maknae Friday, April 21, 2017

10 feelings every K-Pop fan can relate to

1. Waiting on a comeback
I'm not talking about just any normal comeback. You know when idols have a comeback but the new promo song sucks so you are still waiting on that comeback like...
2. Learning the rap to a K-Pop song
It's hard enough being a rapper and trying to rap - imagine doing it in Korean! $hit ain't easy! But now that you mastered that cutesy rap from your favorite girl group, maybe you can move on to the real hardcore stuff like EXID's LE or even Jay Park.
3. Finding someone else who loves K-Pop
You did it - whether by fate or chance, you somehow found your K-Pop soulmate. Go to them. Hold them and never let go!
4. Getting anyone to listen to a K-Pop song for more than 30 seconds
We have all tried to sit down and explain our passion to at least one family member. Maybe during the holidays or perhaps when they keep asking "Why do you like that Korean stuff so much?" The real reward is when you finally convert one of them to the bright (?) side!
5. Hoping there is a music project in class so you can play K-Pop
If you're an extreme K-Pop fan (like me), then you have made some sort of school project about anything Korean at least once. Culture report? Korea. Music report? K-Pop. Cooking class? Kimchi.
6. Avoiding weird internet search results
How many times have we googled "Red Velvet Ice Cream Cake" or "BTS" and get some sort of recipe or "behind the scenes" nonsense. Please tell us more of your weird internet search results.
7. When you hear K-Pop music playing anywhere else but on Youtube
You are in the mall and suddenly stop - your spiraling, breathing gets heavier, all things have no purpose until you find the source of what is playing your favorite K-Pop song! Who hasn't had an utter panic attack over the fact that K-Pop is blasting in public?
8. The struggles of learning Korean
Sometimes we just stop at learning how to introduce ourselves and say "I love you" because that is all we need to win over our idols anyway!
9. Saying 'Fighting' instead of good luck
Whether you like it or not, you will slowly fin yourself adapting Korean language and gestures into your life. Aigoo (SMH)...
10. Waiting for anything to release with English subs
There is no person more patient on this Earth than a K-Pop fan. Lucky Koreans!

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