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[MV & Album Review] Pentagon - 'Five Senses'

By AllK_Maknae   Thursday, December 22, 2016   11,848   1,792   5



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The boys of Pentagon are back and asking "Can You Feel It?" with their new song off of their album 'Five Senses.' With a lot of sass and flair, the boys are rocking a cool and edgy style that will blow old, and new fans alike, out of the water!

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01. Five Senses (title song)

02. Engine

03. Pretty

04. Lose Yourself

05. Stay Crazy

"Can You Feel It" is a heavy bass song with a jazzy tune, suave instrumental and drum-line inspired beat. The song has a lot of flair as it boasts a lot of loud trumpets and horns, bells, heavy drumming and an in-your-face attitude to go alongside that snazzy sound. Check out the crazy, wild MV below!

The song isn't as catchy as the beat leads you to believe. With really no ear-worm-worthy refrain or clarity as to what the hook is, I sadly have to say no, I am not feeling it, Pentagon. The instrumental is so well made but the rest of the song does not live up to the hype.

However, the MV is a whole different story. Starting off simplistic with a unique use of shading, lighting, and pentagon-shaped graphics, the MV is aesthetically pleasing and quite impressive. When it comes to fashion, the boys don't hesitate to go all out and dress up to the nines with beautiful full black and white suits as well as drummer, nutcracker-like attire. Their fashion looks expensive and enhances the boys' handsome features effortlessly.

Lyrically, "Can You Feel It" is nice but nothing special - simply half and half. It discusses the wild emotions a lover can bring you and how you would do anything for them to recognize you and make a decision. The lyrics are inquisitive and filled with curiosity as the boys sing, "Now it's your turn, Can you feel it?" and "It's time for you to answer, Can you feel it? My hands are sweating, My lips are drying up." If you ever wondered how to describe that frog-in-our-throat-feeling, "Can You Feel It" sums it up nicely.

Although "Can You Feel It" is a cool song with an intense instrumental, the album contains more variety and something enjoyable for any K-Pop fan. If whacky beats and quirky instrumentals are your style, then get ready to dive into paradise.

"Engine" keeps the party going with its rowdy, industrial beat. The boy's vocals are a bit deeper and stabilized in this song, and the chorus doesn't seem all over the place in comparison to the wild and free sounds of "Can You Feel It?" While "Engine" is a nice listen, it lacks a bit of energy in comparison to other songs on the album. However, the deep but hollow-sounding rapping, alongside the trap-influenced instrumental, is great ear candy.

"Pretty" is next in line to win you over with its upbeat melody and playful charms. "Pretty" has a great and repetitive hook as the boys of Pentagon shout "La La La La La" after their pretty refrain. Due to its mid-tempo instrumental, jazz sounds, blaring trumpets and rhythmic clapping, "Pretty" develops its own distinct energy that leaves the listener happy and cheerful!

Then comes "Lose Yourself," a song that continues the trend of even more miscellaneous sounds that are oddly addicting. Somehow the song mixes today's well-known sounds with a bit of 80s flair through its subtle but loud horns and hustle-like backtrack.

"Lose Yourself" has a really great chorus and the sudden incorporation of a trap beat during the rap is, yet again, pure bliss. The song also has an unusually great way of bouncing between blaring sounds and quick moments of silence, and appears more complete and structured despite the array of noises. Definitely worth the listen!

Lastly, the 'Five Senses' album comes to a close with "Stay Crazy." With a slow pace and less sporadic instrumental, "Stay Crazy" instantly becomes the album's only ballad-like track. However, rappers Yuto and Wooseok seem to be emulating a GD & T.O.P combo with their method of rapping - both in style and in sound.

Sadly, "It's Okay To Not Wake Up" isn't a real addicting track. The ballad is soothing and wonderfully done but their rich vocals stand out better in the more upbeat track "Undo." Believe it or not, the rowdier sound suits them better than these slower ballads.

In the end, 'Five Senses' offers up some great tracks and lots of flair from Pentagon. I liked the easy transitioning between the songs on the album as well as the variety. The rappers have a lot of charisma and energy that they add to their songs and those blend nicely with the lead vocalists. The zany instrumentals don't create too much of a disturbance and gives 'Five Senses' the edge it needs to stand out overall


MV Production.......7
MV Concept............8
MV Relevance........7

Album Production..7

Album Concept.......6

Overall Score: 6.8

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mitsukikamishiro Thursday, January 5, 2017

this album is sooooooooo amazing.. their mv also very nice <3

kalimilano Friday, December 23, 2016

Wonderful Album .. I love it *-*

thefabcat92 Thursday, December 22, 2016

for the first time, i finally see eye to eye with the review. while the mv is great, the song does not attract me at all

KyuHyung19 Thursday, December 22, 2016

I'll give them 8/10. My favorite song in this album is stay crazy. Just love Jinho's voice

swagger58 Thursday, December 22, 2016

engine and can you feel it are my favourites from the album!! <3333

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