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Hoody defends Jay Park and his calling out Itaewon club

By alice101   Wednesday, December 28, 2016   91,348   4,901   0



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On December 27, Jay Park posted something on his Instagram that seemed to suggest a conflict between him and a club in Itaewon called Cakeshop

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Today, more details have surfaced, including a clip of the video that disrespects Jay Park, accusing him of 'cultural appropriation,' and Hoody's response as well. 

At first, I'm hands off to this like well I ain't gonna judge this guy just because Jay Park's pissed off with him. I don't think it was serious enough until I saw Ugly Duck post the same thing. But still, I was determined to know the whole story before throwing shade on this person and taking Jay's side. Because if everything that Jay said was rude and wrong, then I'll have to sympathize with this guy for having everyone think of him as a loser. I watched the whole video. Everything is really great, the cinematography and stuff, the interviews, etc. It really is informative specifically to a fan like me who hasn't been to Korea and witness everything firsthand. Yeah, as I say, the video's great not until this guy speaks harshly of Jay, believe me even if it's not Jay he's trying to press on, it's not right to talk about some shit in a video like this. I wish he didn't say anything like this at all. The thing he's super wrong about is Jay being a popstar. I don't wanna say anything more. If you're still trying to catch up on what's happening, the Cakeshop is a club in Itaewon. It's pretty known. Whereas Jay said he performed into because he did his friends a favor and this man here thinks he's a popstar and disrespects him, threw a drink at his back and whatever. I'm just up to here. Please don't try to hurt this man so much because from what I see, he doesn't actually care. Lol. @jparkitrighthere @uglyduck062 @hoodykim I posted this because Jay, Ugly Duck and Hoody already spoke publicly. I mean they're open about it. They're not someone who hides these information from their fans. They don't have those restrictions. ALL I WANT EVERYONE TO DO IS LEAVE IT HERE AND JUST MOVE ON WITH LIFE. LOL.

A video posted by Everything A

Since Jay Park's response, Hoody, a vocalist under AOMG, has also taken to her Instagram account to add her opinion. 

케잌샵은 내가 음악을 시작한지 얼마 되지도 않았을 때 부터 매주 자연스레 드나들던 베뉴였다. 그들과 함께하는 디제이들과 그들이 기획하는 파티 들이 항상 내게 멋진 바이브를 주었기 때문이다. 케잌샵에서 수많은 국내외 실력있는 뮤지션들과 만나 알게되었고 그곳에서 많은 재미있는 계획들이 탄생하곤 했다. 케잌샵은 그렇게 내 지난 음악생활을 돌이켜 봤을때 기억 속 풍경에서 꽤나 자주 등장하는 곳이었다. 굉장히 좋은 이미지로! 허나 지난 여름, 그곳에서는 불미스러운 일이 하나 있었고 그 사건은 내게 엄청난 실망을 안겨주었다. 내가 그 사건의 당사자는 아니다. 하지만 그 일의 피해자는 나와 가깝고 내가 따르고 존경하는 사람이기 때문에 화가 나지 않을 수 없었다. 사실 나는 그런 아주 무례한, 상식을 벗어난 행동을 한 그 사람이 그 날의 행동을 후회하길 바랬다. 술에 취해 잘못 나온 행동이길 바랬고 또 그래야만 했다. 누가 맨정신에 그런행동을? 하지만 오늘 저 영상을 보니, 그는 진심에서 우러나 그 행동을 했다는 걸 알았다. 그는 심지어 뭔가 잘못 알아도 한참 잘못 알고있다. 더군다나 본인의 명백한 잘못에 대해 피해자에게 사과를 하지도 않았는데 저렇게 영상 안에서 자기만의 생각에 갇혀 이상한 이야기를 하고있다. 너무나 실망스럽다. 내가 여태 가지고 있던 케잌샵에 대한 좋은 기억과 리스펙이 모두 사라져 버렸다.

A photo posted by 후디 Hoody (@hoodykim) on

She wrote: "Cakeshop was a venue I frequented since I started doing music... I got to know many talent musicians there... I had a great image of Cakeshop. However, last summer there was an inappropriate incident there, and that incident greatly disappointed me. I am not the person who was involved in the incident, but the victim is someone I am close to and is someone I respect and follow, so I could not help being angry about it. I actually wanted that person to regret doing something so rude and so out of line. I hoped that the behavior was due to being drunk, and it had to be that. Who would do such a thing sober? However, after watching the video clip today, I realize that he did it from true heart. Plus he is wrong on so many levels. Additionally, he did not even apologize to the victim for doing something that is clearly wrong, and yet he is saying strange things in that video while trapped in his own world. I am so disappointed. All the good memories and respect I had toward Cakeshop is now all gone."

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  2. Hoody

lift2swift Thursday, December 29, 2016

these people are cancerous, stop acting like hood rats. speak like a human being

unscrewedhorses Thursday, December 29, 2016

Ooh, now this is some fun drama.  Forget knetizens ragging on female idols for breathing, watching some cocky club director try to hate on Jay Park while using the term cultural appropriation horribly wrong, and then watching him get torn apart by artists who frequent his club and who have Jay's back is so much fun.  I hope he responds.

Jadewashere64 unscrewedhorses Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Ikr? lol. But seriously, I was so confused by what he meant by "Cultural appropriation"

PopularK Thursday, December 29, 2016

This man talks about cultural appropriation but doesn't understand where the culture he allegedly created comes from...Hip-hop culture was not his invention and is not something that he can claim.

allcsw Thursday, December 29, 2016

I see this guy thinks he invented clubbing, rooftops and music. What culture is he speaking of? Isn't Cakeshop a HIP HOP club in Korea...unless he is talking about a Trot club...he needs to stop talking about appropriation   

beyondordinary Thursday, December 29, 2016

What a douche. That's one club I ain't going to when I go there.

lulu2020 Thursday, December 29, 2016

To many crazy people out there

CCA Thursday, December 29, 2016

I really don't get it!

mind_blown Wednesday, December 28, 2016

To me it sounds more like he's using Jay Park's name to hype up his club and not the other way around.

kpoplolita mind_blown Thursday, December 29, 2016

Not really bcz even gd and his other dj friends like choice37 frequently but they mind their own business. Some ppl just dnt gt along with others and jay should press charges on the owner who threw a bottle at him

kpoplolita mind_blown Thursday, December 29, 2016

Also drunknor not if the guy is one of the owners of cakeshop then hes ruining his own reputation. B professional bro

allcsw kpoplolita Thursday, December 29, 2016

Last I checked GD was still under the KPOP genre. Jay Park is no longer an idol, technically GD is still one. He kept on saying KPOP like it was a bad thing. Most of GD's fans are KPOP fans so the ppl showing up at his club will be the people he is looking down.

kpoplolita allcsw Thursday, December 29, 2016

sorry im lost, ur saying the one of the owners (the bottle throwin one) kept saying kpop like it was a bad thing in what sense though? like he was trash talking kpop singers but still inviting them to the club? i do dislike the unprofessionalism. Jay is a ceo of his own company, dude better recognize.

linke92 Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Jay Park: Man stfu, I can send my knetz after you

davidcs Wednesday, December 28, 2016

HATE! When everyone use RESPECT, APPROPIATE, to hurt somebody. Ive seen like this in every socioculture. Why dont u just say " i hate u jay park". Dont use it while u still dont understand what respect is.

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