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[MV & Album Review] MAMAMOO - 'Memory'

By AllK_Maknae   Tuesday, November 15, 2016   12,523   107,163   24



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The one-of-a-kind girl group MAMAMOO recently came back to the stage with their delightful, flirty track "Décalcomanie" and keep things smooth and jazzy with their 4th mini album 'Memory.'


01. Memory

02. Decalcomanie


04. Moderato (Feat. Hash Swan)

05. Angel


07. I Love Too

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Despite Solar's sexual assault controversy regarding "Décalcomanie," the song is a wonderful piece. While MAMAMOO have released more trend-savvy songs in the past that were irresistible to sing along to, "Décalcomanie" has a lot of pizzazz in its own right. The song starts off with rough clapping, raspy vocals from Hwa Sa, and a sexy bridge from Solar before breaking into a powerful refrain. 

"Décalcomanie" builds up nicely as the instrumental has an adrenaline pumping, marching theme. The sensation the instrumental and vocals create collectively is key to the message of the song. Check out the sassy song below!

Lyrically, the girls of MAMAMOO are expressing their intense build-up of emotions for their first encounter with romance and love. With strong feelings to match the strong lyrics, the girls discuss their inability to resist their lust and temptation as they state "I'm crossing a line" and "But I can't stop, I feel good." 

As expected Moon Byul's "secret party" rap can easily be associated with a night in the bedroom, but "Décalcomanie" isn't necessarily obscene. The song gives a sense of empowerment in the moment of realizing your desires and knowing what you want - hence the reason each member has her own unique kiss scene. 

The MV continues telling the story in a classy manner, as it is clean, lavish and uses a lot of symbolism. From being blindfolded to squeezing a lemon until it squirts, the girls used a lot of cliches to imitate that "feel good" sensation of love. 

While it is well done, there are still some that find the scenes uncomfortable or shocking because it is a route not traveled down by MAMAMOO before. They always exuded sex appeal, but their MV for "Décalcomanie" really pushed the boundaries as they crossed over into womanhood. 


After "Décalcomanie," 'Memory' starts off elegantly with "Memory," a wonderful song as soft and delicate as whip cream. With an angelic air and jazzy instrumental, "Memory" is romantic and alluring all at once. 

I can see this being played at any MAMAMOO fan's wedding as the song has a "falling in love" vibe due to the steady but playful piano, powerful saxophones, light guitar strumming and Christmas-like melody with violins and shimmering sound effects. 

 If you notice, the girls skillfully added this intro song into their MV for "Décalcomanie" during their entrance and kiss scenes, which was well-executed and carries over the mood of this lovely track. After the amazing sounds of "Memory" the 'Memory' album becomes a collective playground of their past hits such as "New York." 

"New York" brings up the mood with a sped up tempo, fun rapping and a catchy refrain. The song has a lot of spark and spirit and continues MAMAMOO's whimsical nature in music. Afterwards, the girls still offer something new and refreshing with "Moderato," which features rapper Hash Swan who has a remarkable way of playing to MAMAMOO's style while incorporating his own flair. 

"Moderato" has a lot of wonderful ad libs, a repetitive but catchy refrain and some trap-like influences that suit the featured rapper. As per usual, Hwa Sa's strong voice seems to stand out the most and raise the track up a notch. 

 The other songs to follow are "Angel" and "Dab Dab," which were tracks released during their sub-unit stages. "Angel" features the elegant voices of Whee In and Solar whereas "Dab Dab" is all fun and games with Hwa Sa and Moon Byul. 

The album closes in a calming manner with the ballad track "I Love Too" and the sweet, carefree melody of "Woo Hoo." While "Woo Hoo" is as bright as a summer day with its cheery tempo and synthesized instrumental, "Never Letting Go" is a more enjoyable addition to the album. 

The track emphasizes Moon Byul's innocent but clever rapping with sentimental lyrics as she jabs at her lover saying, "Hey, are you laughing at me?" and "I hope our hurtful words go out into the universe instead." Although it is second to last, I feel this track is better suited for the ending in order to continue the balance of the album. Despite that, it still has an excellent transition between their new songs and their other popular singles. 

 Overall, the 'Memory' album is a stellar collection of MAMAMOO's music. Living up to its name, 'Memory' is a collection of MAMAMOO's wonderful releases over the year with a couple of new surprises mixed within. 

While "Décalcomanie" isn't as sensational as their previous hits, going down memory lane with MAMAMOO couldn't be any sweeter, and this album is more like a home of beautiful tracks rather than an ordinary album. The songs will make you laugh, cry and feel uplifted all at once and I am awaiting a 'Memory 2' in the future!


MV Production.......8

MV Concept............7

MV Relevance........7

Album Production..8

Album Concept.......8


Overall Score: 7.9

  2. memory

hottest_aileean Wednesday, November 16, 2016

im honestly done with allkpop and their shit writers. i should've left long ago when they attempted to ruin ailee. i'll be heading over to soompi. even tho they do post things a bit later, they do have fun quizzes :3 im out

vfta Wednesday, November 16, 2016

I have no idea about the writer's reputation with other mamamoo's works, but as a mamamoo fan I honestly don't see anything wrong with THIS review? Yes they got Wheein and Hwasa mixed in the Moderato review, but apart from that? Nothing. It is, after all, their opinion and they never said anything disrespectful about the girls or the music? And I mean the MV controversy is in fact a serious issue that disappointed fans and a big turn off for the viewers when they watched the mv. Like tbh the review was mostly the person praising the album?? err did i read a totally different review from what u guys read?

vfta Wednesday, November 16, 2016

a 7.9 is still too low tho. Maybe a 8 would be better. Maybe even higher since the production quality is very good...

hottest_aileean vfta Wednesday, November 16, 2016

lol its not about the review. have you read the article where she full on bashes the members?

vfta hottest_aileean Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Nope, I said I don't know about the past writer's reputation with mamamoo's works. Could you link me to it, please?

Renmoo vfta Wednesday, November 16, 2016

The link is: The author wrote both this review and the one about sexual assault. She could have talked about it in a wise way, but it ended up to a total mess bashing mamamoo and solar... well... you'll see by yourself.

vfta Renmoo Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Yes it sounds like bashing at the end when the author says that they should start acting like ladies, maybe they (the author) should have used a different choice of words. But the rest sounds like someone who is so done with media romanticizing sexual assault, and I understand her feelings. I also got angry at the scene, and felt disappointed in solar's take on the scene (about she thinking the it came out good and asking people to support it). Mamamoo are big girls, all in their 20's, and could have said they were against the idea of such an scene. I am a fan of them, but I'm not going to defend something that is wrong. They are not bad people, just ignorant in this ambit. Hopefully the learnt by now the real issue with that scene, cause I love their music and personalities, and I would feel really sad if they still thought nothing was wrong with the old ver. MV. I do have to say that it felt more like a rant than an actual review, very personal. I am not against about most of what the person said, but you can really feel their anger while reading it. Idk if that's a good or bad thing necessarily tho. Such themes should be taken with care.

Renmoo vfta Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yeah I absolutely agree with you about the Mv & Solar pov of the kiss scene, and the fact that comments on that review article are full of anger and too mean. Still I really think that article wouldn't have been writen if the author didn't get that much negative comment on her previous article and she/he i surely trying to catch up. I feel like it's not sincere, that's the only thing which was a pity. But yeah, still that one review is not bad if we except the Hwasa in Wheein solo.

vfta Renmoo Thursday, November 17, 2016

Yeah, like reading a lot of the comments in the other "review" pissed me off more than the actual review, cause there were so many fans saying dumb stuff and even defending mamamoo when they are clearly in the wrong (and company+director). You can be a fan and still being able to understand your idols can be problematic too. I think that we tend to get mad when people speak their mind in a way that is not favorable to the girls because we are fans- of them and their music. But maybe the reviewer wasn't THAT much of a fan of the group, and just like anyone, they will say that the girls are ignorant and get full on angry at them (not just them but any artist that uses their influence in a bad way like MMM did). I am not going to lie here: if I wasn't that much of a fan of mamamoo I wouldn't care about their comeback since Solar's words really tell something about her mentality about situations like this, and I don't like to be a fan of people like that. But I do know her a little more than a casual listener, so I know that she's not an a**hole. I choose to believe so, but I don't know about other people so I can't get angry at their angriness lol. So I'm neutral in the review to be honest. Just neutral.

ChaosTheory Wednesday, November 16, 2016


ChaosTheory Wednesday, November 16, 2016

doesnt even know wtf they're talking about JUST LIKE LAST TIME with Melting. unbelievably misinformed and transparent bullshit.

Julies_Wreath Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So allkpop let someone with personal hate against Mamamoo write a review about their album... legit

Sumifeng Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Ewwwwwww hater alert🚨🚨🚨🚨🚨 This dude is not gonna let the sexual assault rest huh? They took the mv down and put up an edited version... what more do you want? The whole world to hate on them like you do? As they say, haters can't find anything to hate on MAMAMOO about so once they find something, they latch on and never let go.

Renmoo Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Why does it seem like the Author of the bashing article for that kiss scene is trying to redeem herself for the things she wrote.All I will say about it is:"... Meh"

hottest_aileean Renmoo Tuesday, November 15, 2016

lol exactly what i thought

FreddyCPfan Tuesday, November 15, 2016

So Hwa Sa's voice stand out in Whee In's solo song? Interresting.

caitlinnolly Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I swear moderato is a wheein solo? why are they mentioning hwasa?

hottest_aileean caitlinnolly Tuesday, November 15, 2016

lol yah she obvs didn't do her research

caitlinnolly hottest_aileean Tuesday, November 15, 2016

it's not like it's even hard to work out omg why would they review something they don't know anything about listen to the song don't just assume

hottest_aileean caitlinnolly Tuesday, November 15, 2016

this writer has a reputation

ChaosTheory caitlinnolly Wednesday, November 16, 2016

thisis a mamamoo anti who also gave one th ebest album this year in Melting a shit review too.

big_kpop_lovers Tuesday, November 15, 2016

the M logo remind me about an ice cream, I bet this album quite delicious too

hottest_aileean Tuesday, November 15, 2016

the same writer who bashed them just a few days ago lmao

OhMyGuy hottest_aileean Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Wow thats not biased at all

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