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[Drama Review] 'The K2' - Episode 15

By AllK_Maknae   Monday, November 14, 2016   12,852   1,816   2



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With only one episode left, 'The K2' draws nearer to the end and has left viewers in amazement at the whirlwind of action, bloodshed and drama that occurred in episode 15!

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If you felt the dialogue was becoming a bit much, think again. As expected, it was all crucial in leading up to this magnificent episode and the amount of action paired alongside it.

Choi Sung Won blows our minds (literally!) as he brings a military grade bomb into 'Cloud Nine' in an attempt to have Choi Yoo Jin force it over. However, in typical Choi Yoo Jin fashion, she won't give up her pride and joy so easily. In the end, as expected, the CEO of J.S.S. Security turned his back on Choi Yoo Jin in an attempt to overpower her as well.

Awaited his death since day 1.

But Choi Yoo Jin isn't one to crumble so easily under pressure, which is why she had no choice but to eliminate the CEO's children!

 For once I fell in love with Choi Yoo Jin's merciless ways because it just goes to show she doesn't play games. I enjoyed this agonizing scene most because as the CEO begs for his children to be spared, Choi Yoo Jin smiles, spares their lives, and demands his head instead, leading him to shoot himself in the head.

This scene clearly demonstrates her power over people and their free will, and the best part is Choi Yoo Jin didn't even flinch when he killed himself in front of her! Political power is a force to be reckoned with.

Once that went down, I knew it meant some serious business and to expect more death as Choi Sung Won will be stuck in that room until the last minute with that bomb.

Unfortunately for Choi Yoo Jin, she is betrayed a second time by Je Ha who technically plays the role of a double agent in this circumstance. His only objective now is to save Anna and he refuses to give Choi Yoo Jin any more power by revealing the location of the memory card. After deeming him a traitor, he exits and does his best to expose the Kumar Gate scandal in Iraq.

Although it isn't directly said, I believe Choi Yoo Jin really did start feeling for Je Ha after all. Despite Je Ha saying she was "looking for someone to coddle as a slave," it turns out she was just looking for someone to coddle her all along. 

Her flashback to those moments from where Je Ha carried her from a flaming car, to how he held the umbrella over her head in the burning building - everything was almost romantically done despite that not being his intention. It seems her real killer is unrequited love, which is the most painful, isn't it?

Was anyone else shipping this possible couple?

As things progressed, this episode was like watching the Hillary and Trump debate and wondering which lesser of the two evils you should vote for. #TeamChoiYooJin.

I 1,000,000% cannot stand Park Gwan Soo and I like the effect he had on me and viewers throughout the whole show. His gross, disgusting, smug smile and cringeworthy laughter made him the perfect guy to hate and build up appreciation for Choi Yoo Jin. Everyone wanted him to be killed since Je Ha's last encounter with him but it seems Park Gwan Soo is getting away with the upper hand again after kidnapping Anna!

Je Ha should have killed him right there and then.

While Anna willingly left South Korea after realizing her doing so would protect not only Je Ha but also the agents who helped her, such as the housemaid and J4 from Choi Yoo Jin, she is suddenly escorted off the plane by one of Park Gwan Soo's men and held captive at a construction site where they threaten to kill her if Choi Yoo Jin and Jang Se Joon don't give up the prized memory card.

Jang Se Joon never breaks character and remains a selfish politician until the bitter end as he is more concerned about his political image and presidential race despite his outward emotions for Anna. If Je Ha hadn't told Jang Se Joon "You still have Anna to protect, even if you lose presidency," I don't know what he would have done to help her.

Things just get crazier as Je Ha is basically beaten to a pulp by guys with sticks, hammers and anything else they could bludgeon him with after invading Park Gwan Soo's territory. I am astonished he even made it to the warehouse where Anna was held hostaged and mustered enough strength to try and stop the getaway car.

To my astonishment, Je Ha seemed to have gone beyond the point of an adrenaline rush as he took down so many of Park Gwan Soo's men despite his fatal gunshot wound. It was well executed however as it didn't seem too unbelievable and added to the fact that his love for Anna is stronger than anything. The things Je Ha does for love! -sighs-

Sadly Park Gwan Soo and his goons get away, but not without Je Ha taking down a team of men and forcing Park Gwan Soo's right hand man to spill some crucial details. 

Turns out the big bad bomb Choi Sung Won brought to 'Cloud Nine' cannot be deactivated or defused and Park Gwan Soo is headed there with Anna, which gives me the feeling there WILL be death in the final episode of 'The K2.' Now that Anna is being dragged back to J.S.S. HQ, could it be her?

I do appreciate that they rehash Uhm Hye Rin's unanswered death in the end, proving all the hype from previous episodes wasn't done for nothing.

The unique reveal was that Master Song was the man who grabbed Anna the night of her mother's murder, leading us to believe he was the culprit. It isn't clear as to how Anna realizes Master Song was the culprit in my opinion. 

Maybe woman's intuition or a gut feeling, as he did suddenly grab her from behind in an attempt to save Anna so it may have triggered something, but I just don't see how she suddenly felt shocked and realized it was him. She was grabbed from behind like that on multiple occasions, so why now did she suddenly know it was him?

Choi Yoo Jin, I need some answers. If you recollect, she and Master Song did have that argument in the hospital regarding the murder and it is safe to say it will be brought up again in an effort to fulfill the plot and answer our questions. Until then, we can only wait for the final episode to make things crystal clear!






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