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Jung Hyung Don in talks for new JTBC variety show

By elliefilet   Friday, September 30, 2016   12,577   1,776   10



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Though viewers won't be seeing Jung Hyung Don on 'Infinity Challenge' anymore, they can expect him on an upcoming JTBC variety show!

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On September 30, a rep from JTBC announced, "Jung Hyung Don is in talks for a new variety show," adding that no details have been confirmed as of yet. So far, he's returned to 'Weekly Idol' after taking his hiatus for an anxiety disorder last November, but fans are likely wanting to see even more of him.

Stay tuned for updates!

  1. Jung Hyung Don

Squattingpanda Sunday, October 2, 2016

OMG YAY!!! I can't wait. Hyun Don is mah bae, hes so freaking hilarious (and dat gdxdoni ship is still something i fully support XD ) ...and im glad hes feeling better, weekly idol wasn't the same without him.

gchoneybllushhh Friday, September 30, 2016

So glad to see him coming back and hosting again. Infinite Challenge or not, it is still great to have him back :D

crazy_parrot Friday, September 30, 2016

Spread your horizons, Doni!

atlkpopfan Friday, September 30, 2016

The IC fans are going to be even more pissed now.

kusea_j atlkpopfan Friday, September 30, 2016

Dude, come on. Think about it. He left saying he had anxiety overall but then comes back and is doing everything he wants to do besides IC. You're acting like IC fans are crazy but he said one thing and is doing something else. He should have just said that he didn't want to do IC anymore and stepped out. Instead, he takes a break where he's learning English, making music, getting plans to take on screenwriting, etc. Now he's taking on more shows. If he'd said it straightforward, people wouldn't be so upset but for him to do everything but IC is a bit disappointing and saddening for all the fans who were expecting him back. Those aren't just IC fans, they're JHD fans. And it's not pissed, it's "disappointed". He had all the support in the world because people felt bad for him but somehow he can handle even more activities than before but doesn't want to return to IC. Then just say that. Instead, he makes it seem like he'll return to IC when "he feels better". tldr; He could have just outright said he just didn't feel like doing IC anymore. Clearly, his anxiety issues only affect him when it comes to IC.

Kwangtos kusea_j Friday, September 30, 2016

"He should have just said that he didn't want to do IC anymore and stepped out." -That would not have gone over well. Besides, he probably DID think he would come back. In fact, IC was the first show he tried to return to (Yoo Jae Suk said so on the episode with Hyung Don's montage). But he had an anxiety attack when he came on set, and must have finally realized that IC is his trigger. He literally/physically CAN'T come back to IC, no matter how much he might actually want to. It doesn't make him a traitor or liar, as some people (not you) have accused him of. As you say, his anxiety issues only affect him with IC. The show is just THAT hard.

kusea_j Kwangtos Friday, September 30, 2016

He never tried to return. He only came on for the cameo, not with any intention of actually returning. Nor did he announce anything about him returning to IC. The first thing he did was announce a return to Weekly Idol. He could have easily announced a return to IC, did the cameo and figured out IC was his trigger (although, with so many months of therapy and consultation, he probably had figured it out already), and then announced that he couldn't. But he didn't. JHD had absolutely no intention of returning to IC but let the public think that he would. That includes so many JHD fans who love him on IC. Nor has he released anything about how his anxiety is triggered by IC to just end the whole thing. Instead, we keep getting news of him taking on more and more and more things but without the debilitating anxiety that was affecting him before. It feels like a roundabout way of IC being the evil cause of his anxiety. He's made no point of making things clear. Just do an interview or something, an official one, not where he gives little snippets or comments. I don't consider him a liar or a traitor but it's disappointing that he's taking such a weird approach about it. It's not like IC needs him anyways, he can easily cut the cord without any pressure or stress about leaving IC stranded (he left when IC had so much burden on its shoulders in any case). Yeah, he'll get temporary hate but eventually things will fade out. He needs to give his point and his thoughts and his plans across instead of making JHD fans and those waiting for him anticipate things only to be disappointed. Or at least be tactful about it. He knows people were waiting for him to come back to IC. Fine, he's not. But why rub it in by taking on so many other activities and doing this and that and taking on more shows. It makes it seem like IC was the thing holding him back and now he's free when IC is part of why he's so loved now.

Kwangtos kusea_j Saturday, October 1, 2016

From ep 492 YJS: "Jung Hyung Don went on hiatus from broadcasts due to health problems. He was arranging concrete plans to return after nine months. However, because of the mental pressure, it was reported that it will be difficult for him to return to ‘Infinite Challenge" He absolutely intended to come back and it was reported on (that quote came from a soompi article). People just have short memories. However, I do agree that an interview would have been nice, but maybe even talking about IC makes him anxious. He's doing more projects because he needs to make money and they are something he can do where he doesn't have to feel inadequate. And while I can understand the disappointment of his IC fans, I just wish they could also feel happy that he is well enough to return to TV at all.

kusea_j Kwangtos Saturday, October 1, 2016

That was the first return. At that time, he didn't return and took a longer break. His second return was now, when he had no intentions of returning to IC. That's when he announced he would return to Weekly Idol, came on IC for a camoe, "figured out that was his trigger", and then left without a clear decision. He's still saying "I'll come back when I get better", He shouldn't come back and should just cut it off completely, but he's not doing that because he's using IC as his backup. Take my word on this, if things don't pan out, he'll just saunter right back onto IC, anxiety issues vanished. He doesn't need money, the man owns a building, he's completely loaded. He WANTS more money and he's doing that by doing everything he wanted. Again, as a public celebrity he needs to have some tact. He was afraid of backlash from leaving IC so he took a "break" and then left. For someone that tentative, he should have known that it doesn't look good for him to be doing everything and anything as soon as he's back. So his anxiety is filtered? It only turns on around IC and on everything else it's off? That's not how anxiety works nor any other mental illness. If it was so serious, he should have retired from the entertainment industry all together. That's why when I heard him doing screen writing, I thought Oh, he's avoiding the public eye. But NO, he's taking on more shows, Forgive me if I have a hard time believing him now. It's his own doing. Could have just said, "I can't handle IC anymore" but he didn't.

Kabo_desu Friday, September 30, 2016


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