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[Drama Review] 'Scarlet Heart: Ryeo' - Episode 5

By eric_r_wirsing   Wednesday, September 7, 2016   61,783   8,457   36



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If she bowed any lower she could taste the floor.

Hae Soo learns she's a stranger in a strange land, and tragedy strikes.

Prince So is at the palace and mom's not happy about it. He moves into the astrologer's quarters over the man's objections. Wook gives a poem to Hae Soo, who has to have it translated (she can't read hanja) and doesn't know it's a bona fide confession. The significance of the poem isn't lost on the 13th Prince Baek Ah, who is enraged by Wook's actions. But our heroine has something else to occupy her time -- medicinal herbs. She gets to work making soap for Lady Hae and the Queen.

The time to give the gifts comes around, and both Queen Sinmyeongsunseong and Queen Sinjeong (Lady Hae's mother-in-law) get a box of handcrafted soap, though Hae Soo stumbles over the proper speech. She's awestruck when King Taejo visits, and she kneels and begs forgiveness -- he knows she's the one who got in a fight with Prince Eun. He asks if she fears him and she replies no because he's a good and wise king. He asks why, suspecting flattery. She gives an awkward and accurate answer, thanks to her junior high history teacher. He laughs and gives her a Persian rug, and she thanks him, again falling to her knees, which elicits more laughter. I loved these parts, though I have a feeling the soap supplies were to keep her out of trouble. She is quite adventurous for a girl in Goryeo. Her reaction to the king was completely understandable and funny to me.

So does this mean emoticons are poetic?

The levity is disturbed as Prince So receives more insults from his mom. Hae Soo recognizes astrologer Choi, who feigns ignorance about knowing her. He's the homeless drunk on the bridge in the modern era. He cautions her, winks and scurries off. This intrigues me because she's seen him and made that connection before, but he runs off when she tries to get his attention. He's the only anchor she has to the modern world. But how, and why? I presume we'll get some answers before this drama has run its course.

Prince Wook asks her if she liked the poem, and tells her it's proper etiquette to respond in kind. After failing a lot to copy anything all night, she instead gives him a scroll emoticon!  ^0^/ Oh God. Mountain Dew burns when it comes out your nose! Prince So figures it out, and Prince Baek Ah screams his displeasure at Hae Soo. That totally cracked me up... until the 13th Prince came out and made it all serious. This scene was a deft move because it also firmly establishes that she's not from their era and it makes us laugh one more time before things fall apart.

Lady Hae coughs up blood, and asks for one last makeover from Hae Soo, so Wook can remember her as a beautiful woman. I've already got tears. They walk together in the snow, reminiscing, Hae Soo trailing behind. Soon, Wook carries her as pain overtakes Lady Hae. She expires, and a teary Wook continues his steady pace, his dead wife on his back. That scene seriously made me cry several times -- while watching it, thinking about it, and writing about it. It was very poignant, and I have to give the actors serious kudos. They played everything to the hilt, and there was a quiet dignity to her death that really played with the heartstrings. Lee Jun Ki was flawless, calmly telling Hae Soo not to disturb his wife when she's sleeping. A less capable actor would have made that line funny. As it was, he had me crying like a baby.

You'll probably be surprised that I loved this episode. There were zero action scenes and that's okay, because it totally pulled me in, from beginning to end. I think a fight would have cheapened the ending somewhat. I like that they made us laugh and they did so naturally -- the bumbling lead is not new, but it made total sense, given the circumstances she's in. This episode hit all the right notes, a beautiful addition to the already top-notch episodes that came before it.


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Squattingpanda Thursday, September 8, 2016

ok so um, does anyone know when seohyun is gonna show up...? like just wondering. its a good show and all but i just can't wait to see seobaby <3

dlwlrma Thursday, September 8, 2016

Wook is not Lee Jun Ki its Kang Ha Neul... Please change :)

alexis_her Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oh my freaking GOODNESS! Let me just say, my heart feels like it was ripped out and chewed on and then put back in me. I love the whole story behind Myung Hee and Wook,  but we all knew she was gonna die. Even though I expected it, i was still heartbroken to watch her die and then seeing the reaction from Hae Soo and Wook, my heart broke. Lol but I definitely have and will probably have SECOND-LEAD SYNDROME for this drama. Watching the previews for the next episode... OhEmGee...i need to ready my heart before I watch episode 6. Haha

aisya407 Thursday, September 8, 2016

I think, Wang Wook loves his wife but at the same time he falls in love with Haesoo. Wang Wook was not a bad husband cuz he treats his wife nicely. Its just that he didn't said it loud that he loves and care about his wife. That's why in the next ep he regret it. Moral of the story, if u love someone said it before its too late 😊

amy_amiable aisya407 Thursday, September 8, 2016

He did love her but not in the romantic way i guess, he treated her well because he is a very good and kind man

jeonghan_trash Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I'LL BE HONEST and I'm probably the minority here lol. I really despise Ha Neul's character. I understand love is not something you can control but the fact that he had a beautiful kind wife who was terminally ill and still had googly eyes for hae soo made me beyond irritated. I feel like his wife deserved better. I'm also in the minority here when I say I ABSOLUTELY did not have second lead syndrome here (jun ki all the way) lol though every one else seems to have it. Btw, was anyone else really hoping that Ha Neul's wife wouldn't die and would start something with the 13th prince? Ik theres an age difference but my heart fluttered when he was getting so mad for her and yelling at hae soo. Was it romantic and like mother son relationship idk. I feel like it was mother son relationship lol is that just me? yeah? am i in the minority again lol

madforthis jeonghan_trash Thursday, September 8, 2016

I know what you mean. I don't hate Ha Neul but instead have a love/hate relationship with him. I loved the way he looked out for Hae Soo and what made him so likeable was the way he doted on her. He was one of the first princes to accept her 21st century quirks and didn't t enforce her to behave like his wife did. BUT I hated his lack of consideration towards Lady Hae. Remember Myung Hee is not completely blameless. Remember she pretty much admitted she forced him to marry her even though she knew he didn't love her. There was no way his mother would have let him refuse her since they were ruined and needed the money. Still, she was kind and loving and definitely deserved better. You can't help who you fall for but Ha Neul was so goddamn obvious I was like; DUDE YOUR WIFE'S RIGHT THERE. STOP STARING AT HER COUSIN. He could've been more discreet. I can't imagine the pain Lady Hae must have felt to see the man she loves fall in love with a girl younger, healthier, and more beautiful than she was. And to have that girl be someone she loved like her own child. Ha Neul, you idiot!

madforthis jeonghan_trash Thursday, September 8, 2016

Oh I don't think you're in the minority about Lady Hae and 13th prince. But I think it's both romantic and mother/son relationship. 13th Prince is in love with Lady Hae but his feelings for her are one-sided. That's why he got so upset when he realized Ha Neul wrote Soo a love poem and then got even more upset when he figured out that Myung Hee married 8th prince even though she knew he didn't love her. That means Lady Hae preferred a man who didn't love her over 13th prince who would've loved her with his whole heart. On Lady Hae's side, she's never seen 13th prince as more than a little brother/son. She loves him like family the way she loves Hae Soo.

MyTwoCent Wednesday, September 7, 2016

um..wasn't Kang HaNeul (Prince Wang Wook) carrying his dead wife on his back and shushing HaeSoo as to not disrupt his wifes "sleeping"??  Anyhooz, this drama got a good hold on me- I want the next episode... and I. want. it. now!  I cried, I lol'd.  I smiled. I "OMG'd. I cursed at Prince So's mommy (under my breath cause it was wee in the am here lol when i watched it -over and over mind u...yup, that is how much i love this current obsession).  Whomever is whining about poor acting..😳😋😮.  might I add I luv'd that emoticon scene. LOL actually, any scene where HaeSoo makes 21st century snafus..hilarious and cute!  And see, even thousands of years ago every korean dude did not want a weak, meek submissive gal...they longed for a spunky one like HaeSoo lol

ROXX25 MyTwoCent Wednesday, September 7, 2016

the next episode will be so interesting , i can't wait , i'm just playing the preview again and again

madforthis Wednesday, September 7, 2016

I agree with the comment about the bumbling lead. This is one of the few dramas I've seen where it makes sense for the lead actress to be a naive damsel in distress. She's in a completely different world with rules so strict it can get you beaten or killed for breaking them, status is everything, and everyone has a sword and they're not afraid to use it. I would be terrified. It's annoying when every modern-day K-drama actress is a damsel in distress. I'm like: YOU ARE A STRONG, INDEPENDENT WOMAN. SUCK IT UP AND ACT LIKE IT, JEEZ.

nami_chan Wednesday, September 7, 2016

\ ^ 0 ^ / haha the poem xD I died when the 4th prince interpreted it

ROXX25 nami_chan Wednesday, September 7, 2016

😂 this was so funny , Gorye emoticon

lulu9992 Wednesday, September 7, 2016

so amazing the drama best drama this year i really love the Drama can't wait for ep 6

TinePixie Wednesday, September 7, 2016

but seriously? HaNeul's acting is top notch!

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