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[Drama Review] 'Uncontrollably Fond' - Episode 12

By eric_r_wirsing   Friday, August 12, 2016   21,069   3,368   0



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Yes, Suzy, sleep. It's exactly what the pink, smiling cat wants...

Joon Young gets a breakup text from Noh Eul since he didn't come to at least visit her in prison. Noh Eul, meanwhile, learns that Ji Tae is Choi's kid. The wedding ceremony between Ji Tae and Jung Eun is ruined by his absence. Joon Young stalks the ex-junior prosecutor who was on the case regarding the hit and run death of Noh Eul's father. The star finesses his way into the man's good graces to get the name of the actual driver. Later that night, Ji Tae and Noh Eul decide to date to hurt his family. Jung Eun gets drunk and topples into a swimming pool. She's rescued by Joon Young (who knows she was the driver, we're assuming). The next day, Noh Eul gets a new job doing a behind-the-scenes shoot for another Hallyu star. Stall owners protest at Choi's building and are bolstered by Ji Tae, who reminds his dad that his own parents sold food from a street stall. He also lets his dad know that he will work against him. Ji Tae's mom insists the engagement is not over and offers Jung Eun a movie to invest in. Joon Young's mom brings him food and runs into Choi. Na Ri shows up at Jik's school to protect him and agitates Ha Ru so much she admits she likes Jik.  That evening, Joon Young chases off the actor Jung Eun was cozying up to -- the same actor Noh Eul is working for. Noh Eul gets a piggyback ride from Ji Tae, and they run into Jung Eun and Joon Young clasping hands...

So Ji Tae is actively trying to sabotage everything. He even openly admits this to his dad. That's why this episode is key, it's where everything changes. What puzzles me is his reaction -- Choi was shaking. Was this from fear or rage? If Choi is smart, he'd have his name on everything. Daddy giveth and daddy taketh away. Freeze his accounts, confiscate his assets, and report his car as stolen. I don't think it's going to be that easy. What I really don't understand is why Ji Tae is doing this? Does he feel guilty about what his family did to Noh Eul?

"Huh. That cookie gave me the weirdest fortune..."

Poor Joon Young. He decides to spend his remaining days loving Noh Eul, and she dumps him. Well, sort of. It was more "I guess he's not coming, it's over," but still. So now he's after justice. He's going to pursue this aggressively because there's no one to stop him. There's literally nothing left to live for, I think. Might as well go out with a bang. I was kinda hoping he'd end up with the girl.

Jung Eun is rightfully outraged. I'm not sure she wants to marry Ji Tae anymore. I wouldn't since he's consistently let her down. She is a lovely woman, and I predict she'll use her feminine wiles to make Ji Tae's life a living hell. It would be no less than he deserves. But what I wonder is how this will intersect with Ji Tae's plan to take down his family? It's possible, though, that she'll be hauled off to jail as the hit-and-run driver.

True gentlemen hold the door for the driver, too

Noh Eul is now with Ji Tae. But it almost seems like an arrangement of convenience because it will hurt Ji Tae's family. How is this going to play out? Are they going to take the plunge and sleep together? And is there really any passion there? He's smitten, her less so. It makes me think there's something we're not seeing.

Now we're starting to see a lot of things come into play. I wonder if all my questions will be answered, or my predictions come true. I've been waaay off-base before. Still, this episode had a lot of what I like. There was definitely a lot of action to move the plot forward here. I like the use of flashbacks to fill in the holes. And next week's episode looks to be intense -- I can't wait!




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skyfall53 Saturday, August 13, 2016

I'm so excited for next week's episodes (Wed-Thu) on Kbs2-tv !!!

hana_sakura Saturday, August 13, 2016

I think Choi is going to find out why Joon Young's Mum left him years ago, and that Joon Young is his son; and then Joon Young's words will make sense to him. I'm also glad Ji Tae is taking action as the one who knows everything. And then... yeah, what Joon Young did was sweet and honorable. I hope Eul gets the justice she deserves.

favforsue Friday, August 12, 2016

Ji Tae did not show up to his "engagement" party, not wedding ceremony.

The End




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