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[Drama Review] 'Uncontrollably Fond' - Episode 11

By eric_r_wirsing   Thursday, August 11, 2016   12,128   1,994   4



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Get a room, you two

Joon Young desperately tries to get Noh Eul released from jail, begging his mom and threatening Choi with evidence to ruin him. Even Ji Tae tries to convince his dad. Meanwhile, Noh Eul keeps up hope that Joon Young will get her out. The next day, Joon Young's mother visits again and tries to defend Choi and won't hear a bad word about him. We find out that he quit school and said he didn't deserve to be a prosecutor after almost killing Eul. Ji Tae calls Joon Young and tells him the Hallyu star has no right to be happy with Noh Eul, either, because he stole the evidence to bring Choi down from Noh Eul, and Choi was able to destroy her life. Finally, Noh Eul is cleared of all charges and is released. Choi's wife arranges to hit Jik with a car, knowing that would lead her to Noh Eul.  She talks to Noh Eul and threatens Jik's life if she continues to be even tangentially involved with the Choi family. Noh Eul arranges to skip town, but Ji Tae blocks the taxi with his limo, demanding she get out of the car...

Joon Young is now suffering from Displaced Responsibility Syndrome, the belief that you've screwed up someone's life so bad that you're no longer deserving of them, so you run away from them even though they're crazy in love with you. So he does. He hides himself away in his house, drinking and playing video games. The damnable thing is that Ji Tae might be right, but there's no way to make that determination, and Joon Young should just work on making the rest of her life better.

The joke about this bed has not been made up yet.

Ji Tae is now fascinating. He seems to be trying to covertly sabotage his dad. Whether this is out of love for Noh Eul or an attack of conscience is unknown. What I wonder is will this screw up his life? I know that your family's rep has a massive effect on the future. Fun fact: Choi used to go slumming too. That's how he wooed Joon Young's mom.

Noh Eul just seems to be the helpless victim of circumstance this episode. She keeps hoping for a savior to materialize, and he never does. She's imprisoned with no way to clear her name. She gets threatened by Choi's wife and makes no effort to retaliate. When she gets shooed off by Joon Young's handlers she doesn't put up a fight. This isn't an issue with her acting -- this is a script issue. She could be so broken in spirit that she's lost the will to be defiant, but they don't make that clear.

Call Of Duty and chill

Choi's wife is really audacious this episode. But I'm sure she's desperate. Beneath that arrogant exterior lies a woman who could be reduced to a weeping heap easily, which is why I wasn't comfortable with Noh Eul just sitting quietly taking it. I would have made her cry because the woman is foul. She deserves everything that's coming to her because I'm sure a bad ending is right around the corner.

This was better than most of the episodes thus far. It's probably because they're pushing everything forward. They just stuffed it full of plot and more secrets. It's growing on me, but I'm not a huge fan. Part of it is that I'm sure we're heading for a messed up ending. But at least this was better, if very dark. Sit tight, it's sure to all fall apart soon.




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trigger12 Saturday, August 13, 2016

I drives me insane that he thinks he can decide whether he is good enough for her or not! She has to decide that. I want to slap him and tell him to go to her, explain everything starting from adam and eve! And than she shall decide if she wants to be together with him or not! With how he is acting now, he only hurts and doesn't help her!!

Sugoi_Jagaimo Thursday, August 11, 2016

Wow now you know how to write a damn good review on dramas!

SahanaE Thursday, August 11, 2016

The mom annoys me. She wasn't even bothered that her son is locked in his room and not eating. She was more concerned about the prosecutor guy and what he did.

kpopisbaebae Thursday, August 11, 2016

The second lead in this drama is such a selfish coward. The leads are childish. The mum is the most childish. The writer couldn't even create someone worth rooting for. 6/10 for me. My opinion

The End




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