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Stars that almost became a member of the YG Fam

By jubilantj   Wednesday, June 1, 2016   237,680   18,826   0



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Like JYP and SM, YG had also housed many talents within their walls who eventually ended up parting ways with the label. 

For the partial list of these stars and why they decided to leave YG, keep on reading! 

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After many a trial and tribulation, Kahi was found success in After School. What some people may not know is that in that long process, Kahi had almost debuted as a soloist under YG. She was a part of three failed girl groups before Yang Hyun Suk offered her a helping hand...and she almost took it. But Kahi's former CEO contacted her to set things right, and Kahi realized that her path didn't lie in YG.


This current 2PM member could have debuted under the aegis of YG rather than JYP. Jun.K was accepted into both JYP and YG, but his footsteps led him to JYP's doorstep and into J.Y. Park's arms. The talented idol was definitely successful after joining JYP and debuting as a member of 2PM, but things might have turned out very differently had he joined YG. 


Former B2ST member Hyunseung discovered himself more while he was a trainee at YG though he was cut by Papa YG himself for the final spot in Big Bang. Yang Hyun Suk felt that at the time, Hyunseung lacked certain star qualities. Hyunseung had reminisced about being given the boot by YG in an interview, and he cited his experience at YG and with Big Bang as lending him the "motivation to work that much harder." 


Zelo tried out for countless talent management agencies in his young age, and YG just happened to be one of them. Despite his many attempts, Zelo faced rejection more often than not due to his young age. Thankfully, Zelo was accepted by TS Entertainment as a trainee and he debuted under B.A.P.


Linzy was just a hair strand shy of becoming a member of 2NE1, which went on to become one of the biggest, most popular girl groups produced by YG. The idol stated in an interview with 'International bnt' that she was one of the contenders for 2NE1 after she spent some time training at YG. However, Linzy arrived at the conclusion that "it wasn't her path," prompting her to leave the label and join LOEN to debut as a member of FIESTAR

Go Kyung Pyo 

Hard to believe that this 'Reply 1988' star was a trainee at YG, right? Well, you best believe it because the actor has said so himself multiple times! Go Kyung Pyo mentioned his brief tenure at YG through an interview with '1st Look,' informing the readers that he trained at the agency for two years. Alas, his contract with YG fell through, and he decided to make a make a mark in K-Entertainment as an actor rather than as an idol.


It was briefly mentioned on P-Goon's profile that he was a trainee at YG and DSP. Though little detail is given, perhaps things didn't work out for P-Goon at either YG or DSP. Luckily, P-Goon found his place in Topp Dogg.

Kim Sungjoo (UNIQ) 

Much like Topp Dogg's P-Goon, little information is spared about Sungjoo's time at YG. All we know is that he was a trainee at the label for many years before he moved on to Yuehua Entertainment and became a member of Chinese-Korean boy group UNIQ.

Michelle Lee

Michelle Lee undoubtedly possessed the natural vocal talent to make it into any of the big three. After auditioning for 'K-Pop Star 1,' Lee signed with YG and was set to debut under a group called SuPearls. However, due to unspecified reasons, the group abruptly disbanded and the members' contracts were nullified

Honey Lee

Gorgeous actress Honey Lee stated more time than we can count in interviews and on variety programs that she could have been a 2NE1 member. She even trained right beside Park Bom, Minzy, and CL, diligently honing her skills and chasing after her dreams to be a K-Pop idol. This beaut with brains almost did make it in 2NE1...but she was replaced by Dara and Honey Lee ended up going down the path of acting. 


Bohyung was also one of the contenders to become a part of 2NE1; however, Papa YG did not see the potential in her to make it as a 2NE1 member. When Lee Hyori asked her on a past episode of 'Lee Hyori X Unni' why she thinks she was cut from being considered for 2NE1, Bohyung had joked that she probably "didn't have enough swag."
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mnbv Sunday, June 18, 2017

Honey Lee is gorgeous but she left YG to prepare for Miss Universe. Anyway, that would've been so awkward if she was in 2NE1 because the girls are generally the same height and she's literally a giant next to them. lol

Hottest2PMKhun Sunday, June 18, 2017

i am glad jun k joined 2pm- we love our little fake maknae jun k

Mona_Vanderwaal Sunday, June 18, 2017

No offense to Dara, but I think Bohyung's vocals and Linzy's star aura has that "swag" than her. Anyways, she was blended well on 2NE1 and I've seen no problem with that.

mnbv Mona_Vanderwaal Sunday, June 18, 2017

YG knew exactly what he was doing marketing-wise. Dara already had a lot of interest from the Korean public because of her superstar status in the Philippines. Dara brought a lot of attention and popularity to the group esp in their early days, which was vital to 2NE1's success.

Black_unicorn Sunday, June 5, 2016

if im not mistaken. UNIQ's sungjoo was about to debut wt winner (first line up) but idk really know what happened.

whateverthecase Friday, June 3, 2016


rindr Thursday, June 2, 2016

If you're not in Big Bang or CL then YG doesn't care for you and will lock you away until your contract finishes and you quit.

galaxyifan rindr Thursday, June 2, 2016

if you're not GD or CL or Double B you mean

veeguz Thursday, June 2, 2016

Oh my gawd~~~

cococcchanel Thursday, June 2, 2016

I think Kahi would've fitted really well into YG, actually. Bohyung and Linzy would've added another, equally interesting dimension to 2NE1. Still, I cannot fully imagine either three girls part of YG – maybe I'm not trying hard enough 😂

masayume_chasing Thursday, June 2, 2016

Stars that almost became locked in YG dungeon would be a better title :PAnyway, Linzy and Bohyung would be awesome in 2NE1 (I can see Minzy&Linzy forming a sub-unit, LOL) and until this day I have no idea what YG Papa was thinking when he disbanded SuPearls.

MollieRose (Banned) Thursday, June 2, 2016

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