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Posted by jubilantj106 pts Monday, May 30, 2016

Top idols that JYP Entertainment missed out on

J.Y. Park is known for having a keen eye for talent...or so he claims.

The JYP head has stated more times than we can count that all the artists that he kept a close eye on went on to hit it big in the entertainment industry. What he claims is sort of true because many of the aspiring celebs that had tried out for the label are now some of the biggest stars in K-Pop.

Though J.Y. Park claims to be skilled in recognizing talent, when it came to keeping saidtalent, well, let's just say he missed out on many opportunities.I think what he meant to say is that all the stars he saw no potential for actuallydidhave the potential; he just didn't see it at the time.

Some names may already by popping into your head...but for the comprehensive list of talent that J.Y. Park missed out on, scroll on down!


Hani may be livin' high on the hog as a member of one of the trendiest K-Pop girl groups, but she had actually been kicked to the curb by JYP. The idol claims that even though she was set to debut with SISTAR's Hyorin,BESTie's and Uji, and SECRET's Ji Eun, ultimately, the label did not see any potential in her. Luckily for Hani, EXID skyrocketed to fame not too long after their debut! ...not so lucky for J.Y. Park though...


B2ST's Doojoon could actually have debuted under 2AM or 2PM.It's hard to believe now, but he had filmed a reality program with the would-be 2AM and 2PM members; unfortunately, he was eliminated and he ended up joining Cube instead.


J.Y. Park probably rues the day that he didn't accept ChoA when she auditioned to join the company long ago...well, maybe not rue but possibly regret a little. ChoA had made a round of all the big name labels including SM and JYP before she was accepted into FNC, debuting under a girl group that is now one of the most popular in K-Pop!


It was a sad day for JYP when he missed out on a chance to sign IU. The singer, who is now one of the most popular female solo acts in K-Pop, reportedly auditioned at JYP not once but multiple times! Alas, the label rejected her every time she tried out but luckily for the singer, she was able to land deal with Loen.


Junghwa is yet another EXID member who had trained under JYP. However, the idol didn't stay on with the label, as she was kicked out, or so she said on a past episode of 'Quiz to Change the World.' Kim Gu Ra had quipped on J.Y. Park's poor eyesight, implying that he clearly missed out on an opportunity when he let Junghwa go.


Hyorin is another starlet that J.Y. Park let escape from his clutches. As you already know, Hyorin is part of SISTAR, Starship's most popular girl group and well-known among the K-Pop audience. You can't talk about K-Pop without throwing SISTAR somewhere into the discussion. J.Y. Park may not have seen Hyorin's potential but Starship definitely did!


Seriously?? J.Y. Park missed CL??? *sighhh* Jo Kwon jokingly stated on a past episode of 'Radio Star' that the reason for letting CL go is "one of the many mysteries at the [JYP] office." And it shall forever remain a mystery....


Hara had tried out for an audition at JYP, but unfortunately, she lost in the final round. Whoever judged the final round at the time must have not felt Hara's full potential, resulting in another loss for J.Y. Park.

Ji Eun

SECRET's Ji Eun was yet another aspiring idol who hoped to debut under JYP but ended up debuting at another label instead. She was one of the four girls, including Hani, Hyorin, and Uji, to form a girl group called 'Little Big Mama.' However, due to various complications, the group never even debuted.

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