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Posted by jubilantj Tuesday, June 7, 2016

10 amazing dance breaks by male idols

It's not just the female idols who get all the cool dance breaks; male idols do, as well. 

Below we have compiled some of the coolest, most creative dance breaks in K-Pop male groups' MVs. Of course, there is more to the list than what we let on, so share some of the dance breaks that you think should have made it!

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EXO's "Mama"

Back when EXO were still aliens from another planet, they had the most awesome dance breaks, especially in their debut MV "Mama." Despite being rookies in the scene at the time, the members had no trouble displaying some fancy, complicated footwork and power that's hard to find in new K-Pop groups. But EXO managed it all the same, impressing everyone with the dance break at 4:18. 

Hyunseung's "Ma First"

"Ma First" has probably one of the best dance breaks that I've ever seen! Hyunseung just killed it when the beat drops, moving every limb in a frenzied motion with a quickness that almost seems unreal. He's just so full of energy and vigor--check it out for yourself at the 2:49 mark in the MV!

Taeyang's "Wedding Dress"

You may not remember that "Wedding Dress" includes a dance break because it's a slow R&B jam, but it's one of the most memorable parts in the MV. To a bumping bass, Taeyang moves with effortless fluidity and sharpness, his limbs snapping into place in time to the beat. It may be a brief dance break, but we get to see Taeyang's full dancing potential in just the couple seconds (watch at 3:20).

Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry"

When discussing the most awesome dance breaks in K-Pop, you definitely can't leave out Super Junior's "Sorry Sorry." The dance break (2:27) where the members all pop and lock then slowly come together to form a pulsating ring that bursts forth and gives birth(?) to Yesung is one that will go down in history as one of the most memorable dance breaks in K-Pop history.

BTS's "We Are Bulletproof Pt. 2"

Sweg. Sweg everywhere. Especially in the dance break at the end (3:08). BTS really went all out with this dance, showcasing creative and powerful moves that included the use of acrobatics, a hat, and lots of BTS style swagger that ARMYs have come to know and love.

2PM's "Again & Again"

What's better than seeing baby Jay Park in "Again & Again" is that awesome dance break at the end! The dance is perfectly in sync, and the part that shows the members ripple out from the center and then form a 'circle of despair' is pure awesome that we can only see in K-Pop. You can watch at the 3:32 mark in the MV. 

NU'EST's "Face"

NU'EST use sharply controlled yet fluid movements in the dance break in "Face," creating the illusion that they are being controlled by some greater puppet master force. The break starts around the 2:00 mark, so take a look for yourself in the MV!

INFINITE's "Come Back Again"

"Come Back Again" is one of the most visually appealing music releases that INFINITE has released, thanks mostly in part to its blatant homage to Michael Jackson. I mean, just look at the sparkling, diamond-studded gloves and the pants that stop high at the ankles to expose the socks, MJ-style. And even the dancing style and the way the MV was shot for "Come Back Again" are contain traces of a more old school era. More importantly, the dance break at the 2:00 mark really proves that INFINITE are able dancers who are talented enough to pay their respects to a pop king like MJ. 

B.A.P's "No Mercy"

B.A.P's "No Mercy" spiced things up with a performance featuring a Korean traditional dance called poongmul. Around the 2:36 mark, B.A.P are joined by colorful poongmul dancers who cavort around the stage with small gongs in hand. The performance makes for a nice contrast between modern and traditional, fusing the two together in effortless harmony! 

TVXQ's "Catch Me"

With futuristic costumes, props, effects and lots of charged emotion, "Catch Me" contains one of the most creative, perfectly executed dance breaks in K-Pop. 'Catch' the moves yourself above at 3:50! 

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