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[Drama Review] 'Ddanddara' - Episode 8

By jubilantj   Monday, May 16, 2016   25,081   2,928   0



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Ddanddara band is closer to stardom but several obstacles still stand in their way. 

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One obstacle is K-Top and its spineless putz of a CEO Lee Joon Seok who is determined to drive Seok Ho and Ddanddara off the ends of this Earth. The biggest obstacle of them all is actually the band itself. But like weeds, Ddanddara just refuses to die out. Even after all shitfire and hell, the band somehow manages to piece itself back together and that is what is truly amazing about Ddanddara. As Jae Hoon said somewhat jokingly (and dryly) in the episode, Ddanddara is a band with a long history in its barely year-long existence. They may be a bit dysfunctional and like a ticking time bomb that may set off any minute, but they never actually blow because they hold one another together. 

I bet Ha Neul-Geu Rin shipper were loving this scene. 

Things almost did blow when Seok Ho fired Geu Rin in the last episode. But Geu Rin did not know that putting her interests before those of Ddanddara's was what did her in because Seok Ho never bothered to tell her. Min Joo had to be the intermediary and mend the strained relationship between Seok Ho and Geu Rin.

Kya, Seo Kang Jun opparrrrr! <3

Maybe the writers purposely designed Geu Rin's dismissal in this abrupt fashion so that in the process of realizing how she fudged up, she would come to understand Seok Ho a bit better. In the previous episodes, it wasn't clear how exactly the romance between the two leads were developing; all we knew was that they took an interest in each other. Remember how Seok Ho 'confessed' to Geu Rin and vice versa? But these confessions weren't enough to convince me that they truly liked each other. 

Jinu finally catching on that he may have been set up. 

The chemistry between the two leads is still awkward; now, however, the fact that they are supposed to like each other is becoming more believable because major events led Seok Ho and Geu Rin to actually get to know and trust each other--something that is the foundation of a stable romantic relationship or any relationship for that matter. But what will happen when Geu Rin finds out that Seok Ho hid what he discovered about the 'rape' incident involving Lee Ji Young, Jinu, and Ha Neul? Once Geu Rin finds out that Ha Neul's name could have been cleared by what Seok Ho thinks he knows (that Jinu 'raped' Ji Young), inevitably, her trust in him will be put to the test again. But I don't think that is coming until the later episodes. 

Sisterly bonding time! 

And then there was the big reveal that (which everyone knew already) Ha Neul and Geu Rin are not actually related. Ha Neul-Geu Rin shippers may be waiting for Ha Neul to confess to Geu Rin before she goes over to Seok Ho...but I don't see that happening any time soon. Ha Neul cherishes what he's got with Geu Rin at the moment, and I don't think he wants to ruin it even though his heart may be telling him, "GO FOR IT DUUUUUUUDE!!!" Besides, he's got no time to be sending googly eyes at Geu Rin because he's got a K-Pop career to build. 

Any Seok Ho-Geu Rin shippers out there? Helloooooo? 

Also, anyone else have some crazy theories on who Geu Rin's parents are and what happened to them? All we know is that her parents were friends of Ha Neul's parents and thanks to 'an accident,' they're now gone, along with Ha Neul's entire family. Something smells fishy on Lee Joon Seok's end as usual but I can't quite put my finger on it...


Plot: 7

Cinematography: 8

Pacing: 6

Overall: 7

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