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Netizens criticize Jeon So Mi's questionable, rude behavior toward the other IOI members

By jubilantj   Friday, April 29, 2016   180,971   4,768   0



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IOI's Jeon So Mi is under criticism for her overly energetic, at times unruly, behavior. 

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Many netizens have taken issue regarding the supposed impartial way fans react to they behavior of IOI members. They noted that while Jeon So Mi is shielded for her questionable behavior, others such as Mi Na, So Hye, and Yeon Jung are criticized and castigated. 

One netizen pointed this out and uploaded a variety of gifs in support of the argument that So Mi tends to be the unruliest of the IOI members. The netizen wrote, "I understand that she's energetic but imagine if Mi Na, So Hye, or Yeon Jung acted like" 

Netizens on the post seem to generally agree with the OP, commenting, "The kid's a little weird. She seems like she's got no manners. It's good to maintain friendly relations [with the other members] but she just acts however she wants with them. Even people who are the same age as or younger than her probably don't like it when she acts like that so just imagine how the older members feel and how they must be holding back," "I'm not even an IOI fan but the hypocrisy is too much lolololololol I don't hate anyone [in IOI] but Yoo Yeon Jung keeps getting hate for her attitude no matter what she does so now I almost pity her...when Jeon So Mi cut Yoo Yeon Jung off during her interview, fans defended her, saying, 'It's because she's young!' and, 'She's just playing around!' But if Yoo Yeon Jung did the same thing she probably would have been buried alive lololololololol IOI is just one group but their individual member fans are really something else," "Jeon So Mi fans are literally too much..they defend her no matter what..there are lots of So Min fans here so I feel like they're all going to create a ruckus," and, "I used to view her as a good character and full of energy but now I think she's stepped over the line..

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r_c137 Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Netizens are out of control. Always trying to stir up controversy with little to no credible evidence. Somi is only 15 years old. That's normal behavior for her. Some of the other members are like that too. The more "reserved" girls don't seem to mind at all. They all get along really well and love each other like family.

Music_Lover_333 Thursday, June 16, 2016

I feel like either way she was going to get criticized. When you're the maknae, this behaviors are considered to be disrespectful to your unnies but even if you'r the older, people will think that you're not looking after the others. But you have to consider that they are meant to be a team and friends. Something like this is a personality trait, even I do things like this and I wouldn't do it to people that I'm not close to. Just stop finding faults in everyone, we don't know their team dynamics. And to say that their fans are just defending her because they're "Somi's fans" is wrong, maybe they ain't picky people that likes to start stupid crap for no reason.

Elisa_kpoping Wednesday, May 11, 2016

I'm a 15 year old girl too, and I push my friends like that. But I don't push them with any bad intentions, it's just the way I express my love for them, I'm not good at hugging lol. But if they feel bothered then I think they should talk with her about it, I'm sure she's mature enough to understand. I don't know, but eating to bits minors because of silly things seems to be the new trend.

DangoXii Saturday, May 7, 2016

OOOMMMGGGG, i'm getting frustrated now. They're attacking the maknaes of (girl) kpop (tyuyu,  umji, yeri etc) now somi omg please grow the up! And this is coming from a 12 yr old. seriously I act a little bit like her I push people and command people alot  and I know that I may come of rude, I just don't know how to express myself (not saying that Somi's the same well it's just like a.. example I mean she's older than me she knows her limits.. I think) and people think it's because because I'm young and I will mature up in a couple years. And that's true. I do agree with the fact if one of the other girls did that as well they would get critized alot and honestly I would as well(critize and not hate) as they are approaching adult years and need like adults- like gradually become a bit more mature. Somi on the other hand is a youf normal teen happily hanging out with friends. Everyone has different personalities okay? I mean think about she might feel comfortable with the girls. I feel like the girls should be able to say. "Look somi we don't like how you're treating us."  And resolve the problem themselves. They don't need to but in like that. Let the girls be they might only have a year together so let's make it easier for them. That is just Somi is and she will grow up,  she's 15 c'mon it's not like she'll stop growing up.Thank you, and peace out!

chaewonho Friday, May 6, 2016

people will find ways to criticize and hate everyone, thats what they do. please, grow the fuck up. the way she is with her FRIENDS it doesnt matter to you. if someone is offended, it should be them, but KNOWING THEM AS GROUP AND FRIENDS, we all know they are perfectly fine with Somi's way. She's a ball of sunshine, and their friendship seems AWESOME. I find it beautiful, and you can wash the dishes instead criticizing a 15 yrs old girl who is just having the time of her life with her friends.

gdxgdxbabyxbaby Thursday, May 5, 2016

Considering she's only 15, IOI's maknae, and has been in the spotlight for quite some time, it's not a surprise that her behavior is on the disrespectful side. JYP was right when he said on Weekly Idol that he didn't choose her for TWICE because, while she has star power, she still has some "fermenting" (maturing) to do. Girl's got talent but she's got to tone it down and learn to be more considerate...

sarangsarrah gdxgdxbabyxbaby Friday, May 6, 2016

how is she not considerate?

Music_Lover_333 gdxgdxbabyxbaby Thursday, June 16, 2016

I'm pretty sure you interpreted that "maturing" statement wrong.

beashineeshawol Tuesday, May 3, 2016

I think it's a Western thing. I definitely fool around with my friends like that on occasion. Her bubbly personality probably puts it in overdrive.

KpopLover81298 Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Its a western thing, i do that all the time to my friends and family, hugging them abruptly or kissing them on the cheek unexpectedly. It's just being taken the wrong way because some people dont understand it. I dont think shes purposely being rude, shes just gets overexcited in front of the camera i guess.

sarangsarrah Tuesday, May 3, 2016

these girls kiss each other's cheeks, hug each other, sleep on each other's beds and fool around like there's no tomorrow but no article came out about how close they are despite only knowing each other for mere months. this is just something to bring jeon somi down imo and i'm not being biased. seen too many comments about dragging other girls down while trying to make their point when yu yeonjung's case happened. this is just another one of their agendas. let's just support all of them and put everything behind. these girls treat each other like sisters including yu yeonjung so just enjoy their friendship cause that's just how they roll. there's no point being superficial just cause the camera's rolling. they all play rather roughly with each other and that's just how they roll

chaewonho sarangsarrah Friday, May 6, 2016

amen you

cathBIN Tuesday, May 3, 2016

HA-HA-HA. So funny how Somi's manners are being put on fire just because people think that if other members did they will get criticized. HA-HA-HA Are you for reals? So what is this now? You're blaming Somi because she is not criticized like Yeonjung? Why is that her fault? Seriously, people talking load of shits when they don't even know her. AND BTW, I don't think some members mind if Somi does what she does. And what she did to Yoojung? God, are you for reals? They're playing in that episode. Even KOREAN maknaes does that to their hyungs/unnis. AND DON'T TELL THAT'S NOT HAPPENING. Because we call them "evil maknaes" and don't tell me to give example because suck it up if you don't know one (maybe some of you stan one, and that's cool because I do too.) You know what this is all about? Why people talk shit about Somi when technically she didn't anything? WESTERNIZED? ARE YOU HEARING THAT REASON? F it. Somi's on top. People started talking shits because that just how "SOME" netizens are. They're just shitty about the people top especially if they don't like them. GROW UP. -_-

kissyou cathBIN Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Sorry i'm not Korean but English and from following 101 I have noticed how Somi does just walks into other peoples interview or push other members out the way, the push in the back was not friendly, maybe it's her age maybe she might just be over hyper who knows but even in the UK pushing into someones interview and pushing your face right into the camera would be seen as rude, in Korean culture I'm sure it would be seen as very rude, as for grow up seeing as your trying your best to excuse her actions and dishing everyone's views, also you don't know Somi so how can you say what she is doing is what you think, so everyone else is wrong because they don't know her yet your right but yet you don't know her, so to you it's not her fault, (yet she is the one pushing in someones interview) she is'nt to blame, (yet it's her own actions) so people are talking shit, but yet your not. so your opinion and only your opinion counts, and everyone else is just talking shit, hmmm think you need to look in a mirror :)

sarangsarrah kissyou Tuesday, May 3, 2016

i watched the show.... and tbh it wasnt as bad as the article reported it to be. sure she did push choi yoojung really hard but choi yoojung herself is pretty rough. looking at the show, i guess that's just how they play and tbh it's really fun watching them hugging each other to the point of possible choking and pushing each other around or dancing like crazy. it wasnt just jeon somi who played around like that. pinky and doyeon are pretty rough too. but it's ok cause that's how they roll. no one is allowed to judge how those girls feel or act towards each other. it's their friendship and they're not being superficial about how they fool around with one another. these girls even kiss each other's cheeks and rub cheeks with each other but no article of how close they were came out. so i think this article is just an agenda to bring somi down just to get back at what happened to yu yeonjung. the girls treat yu yeonjung like one of their own despite the bad press. everyone should just sit back and relax imo ^^

Winston sarangsarrah Tuesday, May 3, 2016

no one is saying that the girls in IOI dislike Somi, as a girl group member now, she is more exposed to media than before when she was just a trainee in SIXTEEN. Hence when she will be on TV shows and variety shows more often, and meet with other sunbaes and such, she should be more cautious of her behaviour in public and on camera, just because eyes are watching her, if the dorm did not have any cameras installed for Standby IOI, I dun think her actions will result in anyone talking about her or anything at all.

sarangsarrah Winston Tuesday, May 3, 2016

yes, i agree when you say that she should be cautious of her actions especially when she gets out there and meet people or her sunbaes but from fancams, on tv shows or the reality shows, she's showed no signs of being disrespectful to other people especially fans and her elderlies. we're all talking about how she acts towards her members though. like how you treat others might differ significantly from how you treat those who you're comfortable with. plus, i never mentioned that the girls in ioi dislike somi now didnt i? in fact, i said these girls loved fooling around with each other so much that people shouldnt feel the need to nitpick on how these girls should play around with one another ^^

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