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Posted by alim17146 pts Wednesday, June 24, 2015

12 reasons to become a MooMoo for MAMAMOO

MAMAMOO, Whee In, Solar, Moon Byul, Hwa Sa

MAMAMOO earned their label as monster rookies with amazing hit tracks like "Mr. Ambiguous," "Piano Man, "AHH OOP!" and now "Um Oh Ah Yeh," but despite their success this early in their career so far, they could definitely use even more fans in their fandom of MooMoos.

They have it all, so why aren't you a MooMoo already? Check out these reasons below, and you'll be convinced that this is your new go-to group.

1. Let's just get this outta the way - their KILLER VOCALS.

Check out this MR removed performance.Their harmony is on key, and I always love it when groups harmonize live on music shows. They be dancin' the whole time, too!


They be like IDGAF.

3. The girls always look like they're having fun, so you, in turn, have fun, too.

4. They create their own choreography!

"Hold up, we're still workin' on the final product."

5. Moon Byul is a handsome man. Why, hello there ;)

As someone said befittingly, "I'm questioning my sexuality." Gurl, I know.

It's a bonus that Hwa Sa and Whee In don't even care about their images for their own transformations.

6. Damnnn... Hwa Sa's fine honey thighs.

Even her stocking thingamabob can't handle it.Move aside, UEE! "Hwasabi" has got it goin' on.

7. Whee In's adorable dimples, d'aww.

8. Solar is a cutie pie with a lovable motherly side.

9. Their music is always earwormy.

I've had "Um Oh Ah Yeh" on repeat for days. I sleep with it stuck in my head and wake up with it stuck in my head. #truestory

10. They're loved by people of all ages!

Check out these high school students feeling so honored by getting a picture with these four ladies.

Check out these older folk excitedly clapping along to these girls' ah-maz-ing performances on 'Immortal Song.' Ah, a beautiful modern twist on classics.

11. They always bring something new to their performances to spice things up.

Let's admit that performances can get tiring after a while because it's same-old, same-old, but not with MAMAMOO! They make sure to keep things a novelty by little additions or changes.

Transformations on stage?! Whaaaat.

12. You know they're giving their all.

All groups are passionate but there's a sharp genuineness in these girls as they never cease to show optimism, even fighting tears when they're sharply criticized by Baek Ji Young in a prank on the set of their MV.

Let's appreciate their hard work because the results have been wonderful so far! Mama-mama-moo~

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  3. Solar
  4. Moon Byul
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