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Posted by jennywill AKP STAFF Sunday, September 7, 2014

Celebrities mourn Ladies' Code's RiSe's passing + fans express condolences for the girls

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With Ladies' Code experiencing another traumatic tragedy, celebrities are offering their condolences for RiSe's passing on their Twitter accounts.


U-KISS' Soohyun wrote, "Sigh..... Rest in peace. My heart huts so, so much.. Please pray a lot for her so she can go somewhere good, and please never forget the two of them..". Kevin also wrote, "Too shocked for words..Rise was a true fighter. I send my deep condolences to her and her family."

Girl's Day's Sojin wrote, ".. I really, deeply wanted.. I really prayed a lot... RiSe... Please be at ease in the heavens.. Rest in peace..". Yura also wrote, "Rest in peace..........". Minah wrote, "Rest in peace.... My heart hurts so much.."

SECRET's Hyosung wrote, "My heart hurts so much.. I hope she can rest easily at least up in the heavens. ?? I'm so sad during these warm days ?? and I'm in pain. Rest in peace..  ??? I'll always pray for you." 

Rainbow's No Eul wrote, "Ah, no way.. My heart hurts so much... Rest in peace. RiSe, EunB, please don't be in pain where you are and rest in peace.. I don't know how much this will help the other members, but I hope they also get better soon and get strength...". Jaekyung wrote, "Sigh.... Rest in peace... I was paying......... Sigh.... How could this have happened...".

2AM's Changmin wrote, ".. Ah... Really... I feel so stuffy.. Please rest in peace... Please... Rest in peace.. I'll pray."

Baek Ah Yeon wrote, "I believed you would survive, but my heart hurts so much... RiSe unni.. Rest in peace."

4minute's Sohyun wrote, "I really kept praying... Rest in peace." She also posted the photo above and added, "I won't forget RiSe unni's smile.. Once again, rest in peace..". Jiyoon wrote, "Really.. My heart is broken. Rest in peace".

Kahi wrote, "I feel so sad... My heart hurts so much... Rest in peace....".

Kim Hyung Jun wrote, "Please be happy without pains where you are..... Rest in peace..............".

Chocolat's Tia wrote, "Sigh.... Rest in peace... I really hoped you would heal.. I met RiSe unni once.. Unni was so kind and nice to me.. My heart hurts so much.. I can't believe it.. I pray you are resting well in the heavens and I hope her family can have strength.."

Eric Nam wrote, "Everyone please pray for RiSe and those around her. She was such an amazing and kind girl."

HaHa wrote, "Ah.... You suffered so much... RiSe.. Rest... where you are... Ah....".

Megan Lee wrote, "Ah... RiSe unni, how could this be ?? My heart hurts so much it's like it's tearing apart.... Everyone, please pray for unni so she can rest in peace in the heavens... #RIPRise".

Brown Eyed Girls' Narsha wrote, "I pray for the girls who shone like stars. Rest in peace."

miss A's Min wrote, "Rest in peace... ?? It's so sad..."

Netizens and fans have been expressing their condolences at a video of the girls' last performance.

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