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Kris was originally going to file the lawsuit against SM Entertainment in April?

By alim17   Monday, May 19, 2014   239,152   2,599   0



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In light of Kris's lawsuit with SM Entertainment in order to get out of his contract, past circumstances have surfaced, showing that this was not the first time Kris and SM Entertainment ran into problems together.  During the New Year's holiday in 2013, Kris was absent for two to three months, causing a setback in the boy's promotions for "Wolf."  Then, after the Korean Thanksgiving celebrations, Kris was absent once again.  After EXO's "Growl" promotions, the boys were allowed a short break, but Kris did not return from Canada, stating there was a problem with his visa.  

There were rumors that during this time, various agents approached Kris, using Hangeng's success after separating from Super Junior in the past as an example and there were also mentions of casting him in the Chinese version of 'Princess Hours' ['Goong'] by a famous drama production company in China.

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Company "A" had wrote back in April, "One man returned home and wants to engage in activities.  After speaking with him through a friend, he revealed himself to be a fan of drama 'Princess Hours' and watched every single installment on the internet.  If we were to sign a contract with him, it would become a hot topic and there would be a hot response from fans, but as we're concerned this may cause some chaos, we will not reveal who that person is for now.  We like his calm personality.  We won't reveal anything, so there's no point in guessing who it is.  You will find out if we cast that person for the next season of 'Princess Hours.'"  The most prominent opinion here is that the person in question appears to be none other than Kris.

One rep, who is well familiar with Kris's case also stated, "Kris originally planned to file the lawsuit on April 19.  However, as the Sewol accident happened in Korea on April 16, he postponed his plans."

Stay tuned for more updates.

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escaflowne007 Tuesday, June 17, 2014

People need to stop complaining about Kris and back-lashing SM. Kyungsoo is acting in a movie (Cart) and a drama (It's okay, it's love), Baekhyun is acting in his musical, Luhan is acting in his movie (Back to 20), Tao is acting in Zhang Liyin's mv and Suho did get a cameo for Prime Minister and I. If SM denied Kris' acting offers its because Exo was busy promoting as a group, they had like 3 comebacks in a year and they were still rookies. His schedule obviously wouldn't allow for it. Krystal got denied a lot of roles offered to her because of Fxs schedule but now she gets to do a lot of things like Heirs and her reality show, all the members of Fx get too do many things now actually but Fx barely gets comebacks now because they're all busy doing solo activities, do you want Exo to be like that so you can complain about that instead? If Kris waited a little maybe he'd have more opportunities since SM wanted to just focus on Exo as a whole group first and spread their name but no he wanted to start ;doing his own things only a year after they debuted. Some things in life don't just come to you, you have to work for them. Besides, Kris did debut as a member of Exo, not as an actor. It seems like he prioritizes his acting career more than Exo. No apologies, nothing from him and then boom~he's going into acting, nice move. He shoulder just auditioned to be an actor so that a whole lot of people wouldn't have to go through this torture like in the past few months.So many people are effected and hurt by this incident that Kris's health can't even compare. If Kris is hurt than a million other people out there are even more hurt. He should've find a different way to quit Sm, kpop and Exo.

michingg Friday, May 23, 2014

Maybe he just seek popularity through this for his solo debut. Just wait and see, who knows he will be reported act in a movie or anything soon. He should be ashamed if it's true.

kpoptimeeee Thursday, May 22, 2014

I honestly don't understand how people are saying that they respect Kris's decision. Health problems? really? Do you really think that SM would just let their own artist just suffer? Idols are their main source of income- if there are high health risks in their idols, they are the first ones to know and take care of it. If Kris had these health symptoms, SM would have known about it for and have acted accordingly. All I'm saying is that SM is not just some inhumane, slavery group. Honestly, there ;is no need for Kris to suddenly file a lawsuit a week before the first EXO concert. I mean he is the leader of EXO M right? he holds the responsibility to take care of other members. Shouldn't he at least consult the issue with his group? ;Filing a lawsuit takes MONTHS to prepare. Its not like you can just file it within weeks. He had more than enough time to talk about the issue. I know that health should be put first before anything, but it still doesn't make sense to me how Kris had to hide all of this until one day suddenly WHAM - here's a lawsuit, i'm not going to talk to you guys, and i'm going to China. ;If what the other members tweeted/instragramed is true- it is scary to think how smoothly Kris was able to hide his true intentions behind other members' back. ; ;I honestly don't understand Kris's behavior. I don't think he would have done it if he truly loved and cared about EXO. If he truly considered about Exo's image and the members' (even after he leaves), he wouldn't just hide and let all of these rumors spread. ;Both Exo and SM were damaged by Kris's action. ;Kris needs to remember that he is a member of a group. His actions can represent and effect others- especially because he is a celebrity. Filing a lawsuit was an extreme choice for Kris - it seems to me that he just wants to quit EXO. ;

asnnerd Friday, May 23, 2014

Exactly! this is not something you can plan in one day. So it's impossible that the Exo members didn't knew nothing about it. I'm willing to bet that Kris didn't wake up one morning and go, "You know what I want to do today? F*** everyone over." This was months in the making. It is nearly impossible to hide your feelings from 11 people you sleep next to, eat with, and spend every waking moment with. It all seemed so scripted!! And we still don't know if its true. Those are only rumors that the Exo members didn't knew! ...... "Do you really think that SM would just let their own artist just suffer?" ... SM had 3 lawsuits for a reason and also Korea's Fair Trade Commission" investigated all celebrities bound to SM Entertainment regarding unfair contract terms. They came to conclusion that SM Abused their status and Violated the Law. If Kris wants to leave, he must have a good reason. I think we should wait for an official statement preferably from Kris himself, before jump to any conclusions.

kpoptimeeee Friday, May 23, 2014

@asnnerd I don't think its just rumors that EXO members didn't know. Tao and Suho have talked publicly regarding this issue, and how they didn't expect such a thing. If you don't think this is true, then consider the timing. Kris filed the lawsuit a week before the concert. If SM or the members knew about Kris wanting to quit the group - they would have not scheduled the concert or future activities for EXO-M. It takes so much money to prepare such a big event. If they knew about the risk factors (Kris) they wouldn't have continued on their schedule. Yes, SM had 3 lawsuits for a reason. They have changed and altered their regulation/ contract since then. They are business people- since previous lawsuits have damaged so much of their reputation- they would have known that another lawsuit could again cut their income. EXO is the hottest idol right now (at least in Korea)- with SM's previous experiences with lawsuits, I doubt SM just treated them like they did with other idols (who filed lawsuits). Another thing to consider is that Kris was a member of a group. If he was mistreated, I'm sure it wasn't just him who was treated this way. The other 11members would have suffered just as much or if more (considering how Kris disappeared to China many times). Nobody knows the truth. I get that. I don't want to jump into sudden conclusions either. However, what it comes down to is that, what Kris did (for what ever reason) damaged EXO and SM's reputation. If Kris is someone who cares about EXO, he would not have filed the lawsuit publicly or even have filed the lawsuit in the first place during Exo's most critical time.

asnnerd Saturday, May 24, 2014

@kpoptimeeee Actually the lawyer stated that the lawsuit was planned sooner, but they delayed it because of the Ferry incident. That's why it was planned a few weeks before the concert. ~ And again those are still rumors not facts that the Exo members didn't knew and placed those comments. They all comment the same thing with the -11 and that they moved on. Hmmm it all seem so scripted. NOT ONE has a different opinion. So i don't believe all those rumors until they release a official statement. They did the same with DBSK and Suju. They all felt betrayed and disappointed. Sounds familiar huh?! ;) I still remember those lawsuits because i already listen to Kpop back then. So i still think Kris has a good reason. nd on top of all that, Kris grew up in a Western community, so his tolerance for being controlled and spoon fed all of SM's nonsense was probably much shorter than the other members. And maybe the other members are scared to stand up for themselves, because they worked hard to get where they are now. But again we don't have to jump to any conclusions. I think we both have a different opinion about the whole situation. We should just wait before anything is cleared up. And hope that this matter is solved soon. :/

sjzexm Sunday, May 25, 2014

@kpoptimeeee I totally agree with your idea! I hope Kris doesn't hide in the back of the media in China who attack the other members, but stop them to spread rumors. I can't understand why he let them do such an awful acts. Though he left EXO, they were his friends. So sad.

smokerviv Thursday, May 22, 2014

Btw, this an weibo post made by a very famous producer/director in China, his name is Yu Zheng google if needed. FYI Kris has indeed said on the past that he is a big fan of his work.

njtaeyeon Thursday, May 22, 2014

Kris shouldn't have joined EXO/SM at the first place. ;His passion is for acting.

jacqlovessujuelf Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Please don't drag HanGeng's name and Super Junior in this matter. Thank you!

msaisonm Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I am not an exostan... But i am proud that he spoke up ....

hinorus Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Guys, please please please stop saying that Kris did this for the team. If he really thought and cared about the team a little bit, he wouldn't do this right after their new album promotion and 8 days before their first concert. ;

Kris's Chinese fans are spreading rumors about other members and commenting bad things on their SNS. Kris updates weibo and instagram almost everyday and howcome he doesn't say anything about "his members" rumors? He could've at least said 'please stop spreading rumors.' ;

And to fans who still think that Kris did this for EXO: ;

Why do you believe in things that ;only one person is saying and face away from other 11 members? You say that you want to protect EXO with 12 members, but you're protecting just one member and making other 11 members into a dumbass puppet that can't express their own feelings. So please stop with the bullshit that Kris did this for the team or don't call yourself EXO fan. You're just Kris's fan, not EXOs. ;

cheshire_neko Wednesday, May 21, 2014

I think that you are being narrow minded; Just my personal opinion. We, EXO fans, love all the members, yes we have our biases, but its still upsetting when one person leaves, but the true fans will understand their reason for leaving. You make Kris out to be the bad guy, when really his health and well-being is at risk, as is all of the health of the other members. I just see Kris as being the one member fed up with being treated like a cash making machine instead of a living human with needs and wants and rights. He is right to speak out, and he has the right to his freedom. Dreams, like their solo-tour, can always be put on hold and resumed at a later time, but when someone's health is at risk, it something immediate, it cant be ignored. Now Im not saying Kris did this for the group, because he honestly didnt; but people shouldnt be upset with him, nor call him selfish, because he's not. He's just standing up for his denied rights to the freedom every human deserves. Also, I hope anyone who is against Kris realizes how alone he must feel, with his members going against him and speaking out against him. Even if they are told to say what they say by the company, they can speak on their own terms too, they arent mute. They are just too cowardly to speak up and out for their supposed friend and member.

hinorus Thursday, May 22, 2014

@cheshire-neko Please go look back at Kris's prescription. It doesn't say that Kris has a heart disease, it just says that he might because Kris claims that he has heart disease. Symptoms of Myocarditis are similar to common flu, and what kind of doctor lets a patient with heart disease go around drinking in a club? Because of Kris's malinger, real members who are hurt (Kai, Lay, Sehun, and Chanyeol) can't have a rest and has to practice harder to fill up Kris's part. Sehun covers his broken fingers with gloves and says that it's a fashion to not worry his fans, Chanyeol attends all of his schedules with his broken arm, and Lay and Kai still dances even though their back hurts. Kai fainted right after overdose rehearsal and there are pictures of him in pain and falling down on the stage. But all of sudden, after the lawsuit, Kris goes "I'm sick.. Call the reporters for me..." And yes, of course Kris has right to speak out and right to his freedom, but so are the other 11 members. This is 21 century. Company does not control every single shit they put in their personal SNS or what they say on their interviews. They can't. Which time period are you guys talking about? They are not cowards. They said what they wanted to say. His members aren't going against him, he is going agains his members. He could've talk to them or tried to work it out with the company quietly before or after the new album not a surprise lawsuit. I don't know what you mean by "true fan." True fan of what? Of who? If you are true fan of Kris, you will believe in Kris no matter what he does, but if you are true fan of Exo, you cannot like a guy that basically betrayed and trying to torn up the team.

cheshire_neko Thursday, May 22, 2014

@hinorus Oh I never said he had a heart disease, since it was, and isnt, confirmed. But overall, all of the idols' health is at risk; Simply put, SMENT doesnt give half a crap about their idols health as long as they can still somewhat preform. For example, when Lay, Kai and Tao all had injuries from various things (Lay hurt his waist while practicing, Kai got pushed over a railing at an airport and Tao fell of stage), they still forced them to preform through extreme pain and discomfort. In some fan-cams you even see Lay leaning on his knees just to will the strength to keep going at some events, right after his injury. Plus when members become ill with a cold or other such illness, do they get a break? No. They have to continue with their schedule and suffer through it. So not only is Kris' health at risk, all the idols' health is at risk since their own company simply doesnt care as long as the cash flow is good.

cheshire_neko Thursday, May 22, 2014

@hinorus Plus with the other 11 members, they all could speak out; if they are hurting, they could speak out and say something as well, but they dont. They just are sheep following the order of the higher ups, not questioning nor standing up. I love all the members of EXO, and can easily see how they can and would feel betrayed at Kris' actions, but it jut irks me that they dont speak up for themselves and they speak against, again it may be instructed by SMENT (who really knows other then them), Kris who did have the bravery to speak up. Another thing is, Kris didnt do this with malice nor hate for the group. Its not like he suddenly started thinking, "Im going to file this law suite to smite them all. Yeah!". No. He's just understandably fed up with the constant crap SMENT puts all their idols through.

hinorus Friday, May 23, 2014

@cheshire-neko I feel like you're missing the point. The fans aren't just mad because Kris sued SM and leaving the team, it's the way he did it. Similar cases have happened in SM before, but they had reasons. HG from SJ was only chinese member and he was treated unfairly, and JYJ had extremely long contract years. And what is Kris's excuse? Just health issue? No, he wanted to leave SM ever since MAMA promotion ended. Life as a KPop idol wasn't the way that thought it would be. He probably thought all he'll do is just record some songs, do some concert, and film commercials, and make a lot of money but no. Most fans know that Kris tried to ran away several times already. After MAMA, he shaved his hair and ran away to Canada for 3 months. That was why EXO's wolf comeback was delayed from March to June. If you see the music video, you can tell that there are only 11 members in the story and random scene of Kris at the beginning and at the end. But other members forgave him and worked along. (Also Kris's thanks to letter in Wolf sounds like letter of apology) Next was Korean Thanksgiving. Each member got a day off but Kris said that he had problem with his Visa and so he stayed in Canada for a week. There are pictures of him going to Karaoke and spending his time playing games. Many suspects that this was when Kris's new agent started contacting him. He couldn't just leave SM, he has to pay a lots of money to cancel the contract. He need an back-up. Kris prepared this lawsuit for a long time. About a year. In those times, they had their own reality shows, documentary, TV shows, and more and he would laugh and talk with other members saying "We are one" when he was preparing a lawsuit in the back. So the thing is that Kris didn't want to work and there was a company in china that offered him more money so he just sued the company and leave.

michingg Friday, May 23, 2014

@cheshire-neko they still practicing and performing while hurt just prove that they are professionals and passionate. They want to show their best to fans so they won't be disappointed. I also believe it's not sm force them todo something but they are themselves want it. That's the true and responsible entertainer.

exotic4ever12 Wednesday, May 21, 2014

If this is the best for you then do it.EXO WITH 11 MEMBERS hard to believe

lindney Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Chinese media site Sina reported that Chinese actress and film director Xu Jinglei posted a weibo this morning, suggesting that a handsome man will join her new film. Netizens guess that the mysterious person may be Wu Yifan. The manager of Xu Jinglei disclosed that they had invited Wu before, but the invitation was rejected by SMent because of the company's planning. As for whether Xu will invite Wu to join her film again in the future, they stated it's unknown yet.

Let's make this clear:

3. Also there is quite reliable information that he had received many offers since 2012, such as Tiny Times 3.0(which the main actor is Kai Ko), SMent refused to give him any chance to act in the movie in a non-scheduled period and even turned down his offers from those movie companies. The reasons utilized by SMent to refuse all the invitations to Kris are various and ridiculous, even self-contradictory, making Kris lose many good opportunities and even having a negative influence on Kris's fame. So please judge it by yourself, did SMent give Kris a fair treatment

michingg Friday, May 23, 2014

Well it's not sm's fault. Kris want to be debuted as an idol then surely he should prioritize the group's schedule. If the time was right then sm won't ignore the project for kris. Moreover, if kris succed with the project, it's sm too who will get benefit

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