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Girls' Generation and SISTAR share what they eat while dieting

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Girls' Generation and SISTAR shared what they eat when they go on a diet!

On the May 3rd broadcast of KBS 2TV's 'Human Condition', Kim Shin Young and Kim Young Hee met up with Girls' Generation, SISTAR, JungGiGo, and B.A.P backstage on 'Music Bank' where they cutely followed along to Kim Young Hee's catchphrase, 'ahngdaeyo' (no you don't).

Kim Shin Young and Kim Young Hee told Girls' Generation their diet mission, "We won't eat meat for five days", to which Hyoyeon jokingly replied, "Five days? Only five days? You should try to do it for fifty days", and Seohyun also joked, "You should do it for five years."

Girls' Generation shared what they eat when they go on a diet, "Salad, beans, and tofu... We cook a tofu dish that's like meat... a bean-meat dish made by mashing beans together... There's also tofu steak. There's also vegetable rice paper rolls which Seohyun loves the most... You put mushrooms in it [in place of meat]."

SISTAR's Bora also shared that she once went on the unhealthy one-meal-a-day diet, "I don't think I'll be of any help. I just eat everything. When I used to go on a diet, I would always eat just one meal at 5-6 pm and I wouldn't eat anything else. I didn't even drink water because I felt like if even a little water goes in, I would gain weight. I thought that I had to have an empty stomach to lose weight. It's the wrong kind of diet. I also like rice more than noodles and bread."

Check out the backstage clip above!

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