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Crayon Pop under fire by site 'Ilbe' for supposedly copying their membership hand sign

Crayon Pop, Ellin

On January 2, screenshots of Crayon Pop from the 'MBC Gayo Daejaejun' started to appear on various on-line forums, particularly stirring up interest and controversy among the members of the website 'Ilbe.'  Some members are claiming that Ellin's hand signs are the traditional hand signs that 'Ilbe' members use to acknowledge each other.

Supposedly, the 'Ilbe' hand sign uses the thumb and index finger to form an '?' while bending the ring finger between the little and middle finger to form a '?' shape--essentially the initials for 'Ilbe.'  However, if they did not do this the exact way, but managed to form the two shapes anyway, it could still be considered the sign for 'Ilbe.' In the screenshots, Ellin appears to have formed an 'O' shape with her ring and thumb finger.  

Crayon Pop's agency stated, "The relevant pose in this controversy was just a sign for Ellin to express the 'E' in her own name . . . The other members also have individual alphabet hands sign that signify their names."

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