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'We Got Married' caught up in another controversy for supposedly being scripted + the show and Na Eun's reps respond

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After being embroiled in a controversy about the swearing by a staff member heard during an interview portion, 'We Got Married' has found themselves under more heat for allegedly scripting the dialogue and interview responses of the cast members.


Posts titled, "Evidence that 'We Got Married' has a script", have been spreading online, gaining quite a bit of attention. The posts cite several scenes that supposedly prove that the show has been scripted such as Taemin acting scared about bungee jumping when he's shown to be quite brave about it on SHINee's reality shows. In another piece of so-called evidence, Na Eun was seen handing out 300 cookies to fans for SHINee's comeback stage for two hours on the November 2nd broadcast. But according to one of the fans present at the time, the actual amount of cookies didn't even reach 200 and SHINee's manager lied to the fans, mentioning that it wasn't for 'We Got Married' but 'Section TV'.

Finally, fans also say that in another video clip, a staff member is apparently heard directing the lines between the two. When Taemin told Na Eun, "You have courage", to which she replied, "Let's meet next time", fans insist that a staff member can be heard saying in the background, "Read as is". In addition, they also say that in another portion, after a staff member read to the couple, "Taemin ah, 'If I succeed as well..'", Taemin continued the cue line and said right afterwards, "If I succeed as well, let's do it one more time." 

With fans banding together and more and more posts coming up pointing fingers at the show,  'We Got Married' CP responded to the controversy on the 21st, "'We Got Married' does not use a script. Although we may create various impromptu situations on set, we never create and use a script. We are hurt by the unceasing misunderstandings."

Another rep of the show commented, "Although we admit that it was our fault in the case of the swearing by one of the staff members, this controversy about an existence of a script makes no sense. This show has no script. There is only a general outline about the time, place, and timeline... While in charge of this show, I have never received an actual script... I also contacted the writer of the show that fans say they heard saying to Taemin 'read as is', and he/she says that has never happened. If this clip has been purposely edited, we will be responding to this matter. The characteristic of this genre of a show is that there is no script... the staff focuses on the reality of this program... If the cast member was stumbling with his or her words or the audio wasn't matching up well, then the writer could step up to help. However if you can call that as having a script, we are at a loss for words."

A Pink's agency A Cube Entertainment also stated, "It is surprising that there is a script controversy... It is a scriptless program so we are dubious as to why the controversy arose... The Taemin-Na Eun couple are filming the show in a friendly atmosphere so this controversy can hurt them both... All of the cast and staff are working hard. We hope that you understand their sincerity."

What are your thoughts? Do you think the dialogues and interview responses we hear from the cast members of 'We Got Married' are all scripted or are fans pushing things too far?

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