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Trouble Maker spark controversy with a graphic on their clothing resembling the Rising Sun Flag + reps respond

By starsung   Wednesday, November 27, 2013   117,176   173   300



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Trouble Maker, who have been receiving a lot of love and popularity with the release of their latest song, are finding themselves facing a bit of controversy for donning clothing with a graphic that some feel resemble the Japanese Rising Sun Flag.

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The photo that sparked the issue was from SBS MTV's 'The Show's Twitter, which tweeted the picture you see above. Although upon a quick glance, the photo seems as harmless as can be, nothing escapes the sharp eyes of netizens, who spotted the red and white rays in the graphic of the two's matching hoodies. 

The Rising Sung Flag is seen as representing Japanese imperialism and was used during Japan's conquest of its neighboring Asian countries such as China and Korea. Thus it is looked upon very negatively in those countries that suffered losses under that flag.

'The Show' has since deleted the photo on its Twitter, but not before it had already spread among netizens and media outlets.

Trouble Maker's reps clarified to Osen, "The image on Trouble Maker's outfits is not of the Rising Sun but a flower bud... But seeing that as a misunderstanding has risen, we apologize for not having paid closer attention to the details of their outfits."

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jennifghjkl Saturday, December 7, 2013

Aside from that, Troublemaker is so cute! I would totally ship them as a couple ;
You guys have my love and support! <3 ; ;

emily235 Monday, December 2, 2013

Can I just clarify something? This design has a design element slightly similar to the flag. The red/white burst pattern. That is the ONLY similarity, and it is surrounded by other red/while/black symbols and characters. ;

The fact that they're just looking at that burst pattern and instantly having a hissy fit is ridiculous, as there are probably innumerable other things with the same pattern on it. Coincidentally. Without having anything to do with Japan, besides the fact that it might be manufactured there.

I'm not saying that people have no right to be upset over others wearing certain symbols; I'm saying that people should probably make sure that the symbol they're getting upset about is actually the symbol that they're offended by. There's a goddamn rose in the middle of this tri-tone burst pattern for pity's sake.

ly_teng Friday, November 29, 2013

lol because they are troublemaker! ;

jessiejames Thursday, November 28, 2013

Read the comments and everything. I live in europe and here it is forbidden to wear a nazi sign...

I understand the anger from a simple symbol...

When people ask you to get over this it is because you can't keep blaming and blaming the future generations for what happened just like i don't hate or blame the german or the japanese or the italian (don't forget it was a worlwide war and not only japan was behind hitler) for that and someone in my family died in this war, and don't forget that even after the war people who were in the good side did affle stuff...

Stop blaming and just help the new generation to stop this from happening again. Every country paid for what happened it was a dishonour for humanity. if hatred keeps spreading like that, for little stuff like then no lessons has been learn.

roxroxie13 Thursday, November 28, 2013

Asian are not the only that get upset when using a symbol that represents a dark time. Every country that has suffer a great hardship and lost many of their people will always remember that pain, it doesn't matter what generation you are from. If you are saying that it doesn't matter because you are not from that generation you lack respect for does who had to live in such dark times. You need to educate yourself before you say "move on" or let the "past in the past".

lachatala Thursday, November 28, 2013

this is a really stupid article. the rising sun? really ppl. it has become a fashion statement if anything. i see it all the time in america. it's even on one of my shirts that i wear. it's not about war. . . it's about expression. freedom of speech. ppl wear the confederate flag. ppl wear the nazi sign but it's also a buddhist symbol. wat a stupid article for real. korea, ur not eh only country in this world. ;

kimseh2016 Friday, November 29, 2013

but different patterns and symbols can represent different things for people... none of us will ever fully understand or know the history of the pain and suffering behind it unless we have actually experienced it. so show some respect.

lachatala Friday, November 29, 2013

@kimseh2016 i read history books, and thats a good form of education. this is stupid, the japanese used this rising sun during ww2. we dont needto be educated about it over and over. actually this all stems from korea asking for money for comfort women, hich korea agreed to. it was a legal signed treaty, japan gave twice koreas gdp that year and they took the money. they keep asking for more and more. . . look at history.

123jyn Saturday, November 30, 2013

@lachatala Seriously, educate yourself BEFORE responding. The nazi symbol is NOT a buddhist symbol. They are similar, but they are NOT the same. The reason ww2, nazi symbol, and the rising sun symbol are taught over and over is so history won't repeat itself. Your comment is an example why these subjects should be taught.

lachatala Saturday, November 30, 2013

@123jyn and so an article about wearing a red sun with rays coming out should b made illegal? those two signs are not the same, but they look very similar. . . as does any symbol with rays projecting from it like the sun. no one is raising war, no one is giving ill intention, the only person u are trying to make look bad. . . is japan.

centen Thursday, November 28, 2013

You can see the girl holding the flower/rod thing.

Hyunseung looks weird as hell in that pic, though.

lizzie_wwjd Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Oh dear..... maybe its time for the new generation to move on or we stop producing clothes with that symbol

cellajoy Wednesday, November 27, 2013

My country went through a lot because of Japan during WWII. But honestly, people tend to forget and forgive. Idk much about how Koreans feel about this... But this is a little unnecessary. It's not like they are doing it on purpose or something? D:

kimseh2016 Friday, November 29, 2013

but for the elderly people that actually experienced the difficult times, they can't just forgive and forget, because we will never be able to understand and know the full extent of their suffering. the injustice and pain they received aren't easy to overcome. Thats why this sort of thing is passed down through generations, and so even though I'm korean i have to admit it makes koreans biased towards all of Japan, though I know that's wrong. It also makes koreans really sensitive about the reminders of the difficult times, and regardless of the intention of the designers of the shirt, the pattern resembles the rising sun flag.... a LOT... so yea i think they should have paid closer attention to the designs

omg_its_kara_ Wednesday, November 27, 2013

ppl should be criticizing them IF it really was the rising sun flag... BUT ITS NOT. SO CHILL THE F**K OUT U CRAZY BASTARDS

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