Posted by alim17 Saturday, November 23, 2013

Ivy says she has no personal feelings for popular musical 'Ghost' co-star Joo Won

Nichkhun, Joo Won, Ivy

At the press conference for the musical 'Ghost', Ivy talked about her co-star Joo Won's popularity with women.

She was asked, "Previously, many older women have shown their interest in Joo Won. Offstage, have you ever wavered while working with Joo Won?"

Ivy responded, "It's hard with Joo Won... Before, I had to tempt popular idol Nichkhun for a production, and my homepage was terrorized... As Joo Won is so popular, I am very careful. He's such a good actor, he has good points, but I do not have personal feelings for him... Still, I feel like we ultimately reserved first place in terms of search rankings."

She also discussed the musical, saying, "There is a very famous scene in which Sam hugs me as we spin the pottery wheel. That is also my favorite scene."

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Although Ivy says she has no personal feelings for Joo Won, there is no denying their chemistry! You can check out a little preview here where they performed at 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook', even ending one song with a kiss. 

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